Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watching TAR17 with Wannietta - part le 6

8:26 PM Nat & Kat lead the pack off to St. Petersburg Russia
Awww - looks like everyone is going to be on the same train to Stockholm in the morning.
Brook & Claire are sniffing socks with The Doctors; now they've worked up to shoes.
Now it's a rush to get a taxi to the airport.
Chad's being a jackass to Stephanie - somehow she's the lamest girl in the race.
The flight is another equalizer - everyone is on the same flight to St. Petersburg.
Brook & Claire are in Russia & are Russian through traffic. GROAN!!!
Detour - Classical Music or Classic Cinema

Music - teams make their way to an historic palace find the maestro with 3 gramophones and listen to 3 compositions then enter ballrooms and find the 3 pianists playing the same 3 compositions. They choose the sheet music from the piano, place it in a folder and match it to the gramophone #. Once they have all three correct they will get their next clue.

Cinema - teams find a legendary film studio & sound stage. They search through piles of film strips and find one that matches any part of the scene playing on screen - Sergei Eisenstein's October, the director will give them their next clue.

I think I'd go with Cinema.
Brook & Claire are going Cinema as are Michael & Kevin.
Chad & Stephanie are going Music are are Gary & Mallory.
Jill & Thomas go with Music, Nick & Vicki go with Music as do Nat & Kat.
Poor Kevin is totally out of his element with actual film strip.
Brook & Claire are lost.
Chad & Stephanie have arrived at the palace & are trying to memorize their gramophone music. They think that they have it until they walk into the ballroom with so many pianos all playing something different.

Chad has picked out #1 song. Stephanie thinks that she's got #3.
No one is having much luck at either task - these really are challenging!!
Thomas found the right film strip!!
He & Jill are off to Palace Square to get their next clue.
Chad & Stephanie think that they've got #1. Not.
Nat & Kat think that they've got #2.
Gary & Mallory are all sorts of niet.
Niet, niet, niet.
Brook found the right strip!!
Kevin cottoned on to the words at the top of the strip & they're off.
Jill & Thomas are now off to Alexandrovskaya then follow a marked road to a neighbourhood store.
No one has succeeded at the Music task yet - Gary & Sunshine are the first to jump tasks.
Nat & Kat, Nick & Vicki are changing as well.
Chad & Stephanie are going to tough out their tin ears.
Don't worry Sunshine, I'm sure that Jesus has a minute to help you out.
Jill & Thomas have lost their marked road.
Brook & Claire have found the Road Block.
After donning a traditional Babushka outfit, the teams will have to plant a row of 50 potatoes then fertilize their crop with a generous helping of cow manure in order to get their next clue.
Brook is doing this one - she's eager at first.
Kevin makes a ... cute? Babushka. "Poop & Potatoes" idjit, and clumsy in a skirt.
Chad is such a cry baby, whining loser. Poor Stephanie - she's trying so hard to stay positive but he's a mill stone.

Okay - they're staying at music.
Good for Stephanie for hanging in there and sticking to her musical guns - they did it!!
Nat & Kat found the film strip!
Jill & Thomas are at the Road Block.
Kevin is getting right into the spirit of the task - the Russian ladies sure do love him!!
Brook has been sullied by the excrement and all of the neighbourhood is hearing about it.
Gary & Sunshine have found the film strip.
Nick & Vicki are switching back to the music because he can't handle this crap anymore. Did he forget the cacophony that they just left!?
Kevin & Michael are off to St Issac's Cathedral - the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.
Brook is done planting followed closely by Jill.
"These skinny girls can do everything". LMAO!!!
Brook & Claire's cab needs to stop for gas!
Nat is Babushkaing it up!
Stephanie is totally doing it for their team, but she's a bit lost.
Nick & Vicki are back at the music palace, focusing on one song at a time. It's pretty easy that way.
With Nick's new zen ways they did it!!
Michael said the park ... Kevin said no.
Oh Yes - Jill & Thomas are #1!!
Kevin needs to listen to his dad ... it might have cost them the win and definitely cost them 2nd place.
Mallory is going to be the Babushka, Stephanie has finally found the sign to Duck's End for her manure.
Nick & Vicki are on their way to the Road Block.

Sunshine is having a problem finding the manure pile too.
Nat is done planting and they're off to the Pit Stop.
Stephanie plays a bit of dirty potatoes by throwing the handle of the shovel into the manure.
Mallory is a little ball of energy, that's for sure.
Stephanie is done planting, Mallory is hanging in there.
Chad thinks that Stephanie should take the Babushka outfit home & clean the house in it. Ass hat!!!
Mallory is done!
Nick is doing the Road Block because he thought "drag" race - he had a sense of humour though - "more queen than cars"!! LOL

#1 - Jill & Thomas
#2 - Brook & Claire
#3 - Michael & Kevin
#4 - Nat & Kat
#5 - Chad & Stephanie
#6 - Gary & Mallory
#7 - Nick & Vicki - I had high hopes for this team at at the beginning and they kind of let me down but they were real and Nick learned a lot. Vicki is a super nice girl!! Non-elimination leg - Go Team Freak!!!

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