Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Day 6 proved to be my most troublesome again this round - nothing really bad just a weird, hard-to-adjust kind of day. Fortunately it only lasts 24 hours!

I took Saturday night off from the sleeping pills - needless to say that I didn't sleep much. I took it last night but still didn't sleep well; I kept waking up so thirsty, getting a drink then waking up again a short time later to go to the bathroom!! ARGH Crossing my fingers for a good one tonight.

While I've been doing China Clouds I've worked out some things that, while they aren't necessarily short cuts, they do make the finishing a bit easier.
The dark grey accent around the curls for instance. I was adding in the extra yarn in the centre and then had that many more ends to sew in for just a few stitches. What I do now is leave the tail from the one side of the curl and duplicate stitch the rest of it on. It makes for a bit of a thicker bit on the fabric but it's really inconsequential because it's not on much of the fabric.

Short post for today - I'm feeling the tireds again. Not complaining though, especially if this is the worst!!


  1. All hail the duplicate stitch!

    Crappy days will be followed by better ones. (sings)It's the circle of life.. .

  2. I will PAY YOU SERIOUS MONEY to do an online class on knitting Kaffe's hardcore designs. I am crazed with questions every time you post!

    Are you sleeping better?