Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adventures in Dyeing - Results

I dyed 6 skeins of Shelridge Farm's Ultra fingering weight yarn. My plan was to put a pink in each one as a part of my personal story for my next Sweet Spot strip. I had no doubt that Buffy's yarn would have a Sweet Spot and my sister beat me to the punch! She was fascinated with the technique and loved Buffy's yarn so off she went. I'll start on mine probably later in the week - by the time I do my next treatment tomorrow, finish Shedir le Lime & Shedir le Avocado, finish my current SIP, put in more time on China Clouds ... LOL!!

The Koigu Kersti that I over dyed came out beautifully
- I can't wait to see how it knits up!! I am going to knit up an On The Easy Side from Knit One Below for me!!

Oh - Buffy also gifted me with some of her lace yarn that had breaks in it so are short skeins. I'm going to weigh them (Thank you my Friend!!!) and work out the yardage and see how much I can do with it. When I'm done I might dye the finished project or just leave it au naturel!

I am really hoping - fingers & toes crossed - that this round of chemo will not affect me any worse than the last one ... I have so much yarn that I want to make into stuff!!! I got a Rx for some sleeping pills (Ah my Lories, how I have missed you!!!) and a kick ass acid antacid which should make the next week(s) easier.


  1. Remember to start your anti-nausea meds BEFORE you need them!

    Beautiful work. I love the idea of dyeing but really wouldn't like the process. I'm more of a finished product person.

  2. GO!GO!GO! and stuff....

  3. Ooo! Oooo, pretty! You KNOW what a knitter wants.

    Good luck with the next round of chemo.

  4. Better living through chemistry! During chemo, you need all the help you can get. Hope it goes well - I felt ok for the two days afterward, off colour for about four days and then started coming good again after that.
    PS nice dyeing! It is fun, isn't it!

  5. Amen sister!!! Thanks for your support too - I still have your number, just in case!!!