Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 3 - 2nd time

PICC line flushed, Neulasta shot given. I feel pretty good, just a bit of an unsettled stomach & a bit dizzyish. Not bad all things considered - knock on wood it continues.

Well - you called it, I'm a red head!!
I think that I might need a new name for when I'm sporting such awesome hair colour!! Maybe this:

Áine (AWN-ye) From the Old Irish áine, meaning 'brilliance, wit, splendor, glory, radiance'. Connected with fruitfulness and prosperity. According to Irish legend, Áine was the daughter of Fer I (Man of the Yew) and queen of the fairies of South Munster. Irish folklore held that she lived at a place now called Knockany (Cnoc Áine, "Áine's Hill") and was "the best-hearted woman who ever lived – lucky in love and in money."

Shelly picked out a different blonde, it's a warmer, red-toned blonde that I like. I'm still loving the original blonde even if it makes me look a bit paler. I think that it didn't photograph as well as it really looks on me!! I'll go fetch one of these in a couple of weeks when Kerwyn gets paid again.

I finished Shedir le Lime.

Smeegle me just wasn't working so I'm gone with the Ilia
me. Amanda agrees that it's an improvement!! I don't quite have her lips and I have more of an oval head, but I'm rolling with the comparison!

I've got several projects that I want to start on ... I'm seriously in a dither trying to decide!!!


  1. I told you red was the best LOL!!!

  2. You totally did ... I bet that you're leaning towards the new blonde too!! LOL

  3. Strawberry blonde is good, but that red is a power look! Awnye indeed. Merry, high-hearted, lucky in love and lucky in money. I want to be Aine, too!

    All blessings on you for the next week.

  4. You have a perfectly-shaped head -- maybe some local beauty college needs a makeup model???

    And yeah, the red flames of hair rock!!!!

  5. Love the new hair and the new name. You look amazing as a red head, shows your spunk. I also liked the lighter blond sexy hair. Love Love Love the new name. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.