Sunday, October 3, 2010

Watching TAR17 with Wannietta - part le 2

Okay teams - let's not brag about how smart we are this week & work on just getting the job done.

11:55AM - Jill & Thomas are out first to Accra, Ghana.
12:00PM - The Doctors
12:20PM - Team Glee
12:21PM - Brook & Claire
12:22PM - Katie & Rachel
12:40PM - Gary & Sunshine
12:41PM - Kevin & Michael
12:50PM - Chad & Stephanie
1:35 PM - Andie & Jenna
1:45 PM - Nick & Vicki

Once again the airport is the great equalizer - all of the teams are on the same flight.
The mad scramble for taxis - not sure if just standing in the lot & screaming "Taxis!!!" is very effective.
OMG - when the taxi driver winces but doesn't slow down I think that it's time to start praying.
Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park - clue box tells them to go the Makola Market for their next clue.
Nick & Vicki are 1st!!
In this Road Block teams must sell sunglasses, earning a total of 15 cedis (like $10) while not selling any pair for less than 3 cedis.
Brooke is flirting with the men while Chad is charming the ladies.
Micheal is rolling with pitiful.
Gary & Sunshine are having some mechanical issues with their taxi. What should you do Mallory? I'd suggest finding another cab.

It's rolling again.
Nick has no technique. "Either they're buying them or they're not."
Jill is having no luck, Kat's having a hard time too.
Jenna & Sunshine are giving it their best but it's Brook who has finished first - she & Claire are off to Peace Motors Spare Parts for their next clue.
OMG - Connor just sold 2 pairs and got 16 cedi!! Go Glee!!
Michael is done & so is Chad.
Tune In or Check Out
Tune In - at an electrical supply store teams pick up a TV antenna system, find a marked house & install the antenna to the owners satisfaction and get the signal properly tuned in.
Check Out - at a woodworking shop a team picks out a custom coffin then transport it through town to a specific show room.

Brook & Claire are installing the antenna - it's way harder than it looks. LOL
Brook is climbing on the fridge to get the cable across the ceiling.
Michael & Kevin can't find the clue box, Team Glee's cabbie is lost.
Chad & Stephanie are doing the antenna too.
Katie & Rachel are doing Check Out.
Michael & Kevin are doing Tune In.
Nick & Jill are still trying to pawn sunglasses.
Jenna is done & off.
Sunshine makes her money but Kat is still not getting into a groove.
Jill is wasting time trying to sell only perfect sunglasses but she's finally done!
Nick had a lady do a dance and then walk off with his sunglasses but then she came back and he's done!
Kat's bedside manner is not helping her on the streets of Ghana.

Kat is done but she & Nat will have to come back from last place.
Brook & Claire are working on tuning the antenna.
Katie & Rachel are crossing the road like blonde natives.
Brook & Claire are done and off to Kaneshie Market where they'll need to navigate through the market to the Pit Stop by a bridge.
Katie & Rachel have delivered their coffin & are off to the Pit Stop as well.
Team Glee are Tuning In.
Chad & Stephanie need to tune their antenna.
Kevin & Michael are working well together & are off to the PS followed by Chand & Stephanie.
Jill & Thomas are doing Check Out.
Nick & Vicki are doing Tune In.
Nat & Kat's cabbie has asked for directions, hopefully they're back on track.
Brook & Claire are at the market & searching for Phil. They found him!!
Team Glee might be able to sing in tune but are not so much about tuning in a TV.
Jill & Thomas have delivered their camera coffin.
Nat & Kat and Gary & Sunshine and Andie & Jenna have cabbies who are all asking for directions then turning around.

Team Glee has switched to Check Out.
Gary & Sunshine are doing Tune In.
The Doctors are on coffin delivery.
My favourite freaks have tuned the TV and are off to the Pit Stop.
Team Glee is creating traffic chaos trying to navigate their fish coffin through the streets, but mission accomplished!!
The Doctors are riding up on the curb, not great technique but they're done.
Gary & Sunshine are done as are Andie & Jenna.
It's gridlock Jonathan - passing is highly unlikely.
These last 4 teams are going to have to rely on crazy ass drivers - which Nat & Kat seem to have!!!Of course, they're taking their lives into his hands but there ya go.
I don't know how the teams are keeping their eyes open. Somehow honking their horns seems to magically create new lanes.
Connor thinks that he may have soiled himself, but he runs well with a load - Pit Stop achieved followed right behind by The Doctors.
Poor Sunshine is near to losing her light.
Awwww shame - I really liked Andie & Jenna. I hope that they can keep bonding - they are both so nice.

#1 - Brook & Claire
#2 - Katie & Rachel
#3 - Micheal & Kevin
#4 - Chad & Stephanie
#5 - Jill & Thomas
#6 - Team Glee
#7 - The Doctors
#8 - Nick & Vicki
#9 - Gary & Sunshine

Good bye - Andie & Jenna

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