Friday, October 22, 2010

First Day of Real Snow

While the first day of winter isn't actually until December 21st (seems kind of late to me ...) Old Man Winter couldn't wait to get the party started!!

I've not got much else to share - I've been going hard on Elise's socks so that she can have them before she goes back to her European home. I'm heading down to The Purple Purl tonight for the Knitty Round Table - it's a ton of fun & I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm glad that I gapped on some appts and had a day in yesterday. I'm going to have to start pacing myself; I am definitely feeling more tired than before. A small trade off but I'm going to have to start realizing new limits & working within some new boundaries. Yeah, it won't be easy - y'all know wha
t a busy little bee I like to be.

Here's the picture of me at the Look Good Feel Better program - the volunteer helping me is Karen (or maybe Lynne ... I didn't write it down & now don't remember).
A rose by any other name ... she was awesome & is a 2-time survivor herself!! We all came away with box of skin care & cosmetics from excellent companies - MAC, Cover Girl, Anna Sui, Mary Kay and a whack of others!!! I'm still not a massive make up girl but it was very interesting, Amanda had fun and the skin care stuff is excellent - I'm drying up!!

Oh - and ask away Roz!! If there is any intarsia type question that I can answer I will. I'll even try for pics and/or video if necessary!!


  1. A little blush, lipstick and mascara really DOES help you feel perkier. For one thing, people don't greet you with that quickly shuttered look of dismay. :)

    ("You look sick." Well DUH! Those wonderful wigs are great distractions. "You look so different!" is much nicer to hear.)

  2. It's true - Even though I feel totally awesome in the wig - even at home - it's sometimes more about feeling comfortable around other people and making them more comfortable. Even friends aren't sure if they can ask or talk about my cancer and treatment. FYI - Y'all totally can, I'm not squeamish or shy about it! LOL

  3. I scraped ice off my windshield this morning, so I can relate! I've heard nothing but good about the Look Good Feel Better initiative - good for you for making use!

  4. I will ask away... but first, must deal with one of the top two crappy "I wish I weren't an adult" periods in my own life: My father died, and the funeral's tomorrow, and I can't believe he's gone.

    I have the feeling I'm going to get really good at knitting this winter!

  5. I am so sorry Roz - I can't even imagine what gamut of emotions that you're going through. BIG HUG Knitting helps keep your mind from dwelling - it still wanders but it's something.