Sunday, October 10, 2010

Watching TAR17 with Wannietta - part le 3

7:34 AM - Brook & Claire are off to the Akotoku Boxing Academy.
7:35 - Katie & Rachel
7:45 - Michael & Kevin

So one team member must properly wrap their hands, suit up in training gear, work a speed bag for 60 seconds then skip rope for 60 seconds.
Brook is quite gung-ho!!
7:52 - Chad & Stephanie are off
7:58 - Jill & Thomas
8:01 - Team Glee

Brook's putting some nice hip action into that speed ball.
Now they're off to find a marked supply depot for their next clue.
Chad's wrapped, Katie's working on it.
Jill & Thomas are getting directions.
8:02 - Nat & Kat
8:04 - Nick & Vicki - who's strategy is still to communicate
8:06 - Gary & Sunshine - who's goal is to move up from last place
Chad's stylin' on the skipping forces him to start over on his 60 seconds.
Kevin is endlessly putting down his dad for his age and lack of physical prowess; it's getting on my nerves.
Connor is focused hard on his speedballin'!!
Thomas is having a hard time figuring out the hand wrapping.
The Doctors are lost and are stalling Chad & Stephanie and Katie & Rachel in their attempt to get turned around.

Gary's wrapped up, so is Thomas.
Nat & Kat seem to be on their way.
Vicki is done the boxing challenge and they're out ahead of Jill & Thomas.
Nat & Kat have finally arrived.
Team Glee has passed Brook & Claire.

They must now choose a pair of wheelbarrows & load them with construction supplies and deliver them to the Adebi D/A Primary School. If all of the supplies are correct they will receive their next clue.

Team Glee rocks it out! But now they are going to be tested on African geography. This should be hilarious!!!
Brook & Claire are loading their wheelbarrow - they are using just one. Will they have to go back?
Team Glee finally found Ghana.
Bicycle Parts or Language Arts

Bicycle Parts - teams need to use a stick to roll a bicycle rim up & down the length of a soccer field.
Language Arts - teams choose a proverb containing 8 phrases, each of which has a corresponding symbol which they need to find in the correct sequence on a massive wall - like a word search. This would normally be right up my alley but it's boggling my mind just to think about it right now!!!

Team Glee went with Language Arts.
Yup - Brook & Claire need to take everything that they carried back & get another wheelbarrow.
Michael & Kevin are making the same mistake, but Katie & Rachel are on point.
Nat & Kat's cabbie is over heating a bit.
Katie & Rachel are missing trowels.
The killer bit is that the teams need to haul everything back & forth every time that they are missing something.
Team Glee has solved their puzzle and are now in search of the home of Awusa Ntso - a rural farm which is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.
Brook & Claire are trying to find Ghana on the map.
Nick & Vicki brought 2 bags of cement & now have to take one back. Nick is throwing an absolutely jackass hissy fit over Vicki mis-reading the list.

Gary & Sunshine are at school to find Ghana on the map. Gary gets it on the first go!!! They choose Bicycle Parts.
Chad & Stephanie are off to school.
Katie & Rachel are off to school.
Nat & Kat are working on their supplies.
Chad, Katie, Thomas and Brook have all found Ghana and have all chose Language Arts.
Nick & Vicki are going to school.
Brook & Claire invented a simpleton game of drawing circles around the little African children in the dirt.
Jill & Thomas are looking for a "decoder key".
Do these people read instructions in their normal day to day lives?
Kevin found Ghana and selected Language Arts.
Gary & Sunshine are done their Bicycle Parts.
Chad & Stephanie are changing to Bicycle Parts.
Once the children have labeled every other country in Africa Nick & Vicki find Ghana - Nick chooses Bicycle Parts.
Nat gets Ghana on the first go - Good Doctor!!!
Chad is bangin' out that Bicycle rim!! Stephanie has the hang of it too.
Nick is an ass to the 'nth degree.
Katie & Rachel are getting the hang of the rims.
Nick has finally manned up and is working it out.
Nat & Kat are at Bicycle Parts.
Now Nick is harassing Vicki because she can't sort it out & her asthma is acting up. Oh, now he cares.
Jill & Thomas are switching tasks, Michael has decided that they should switch too.
Vicki is done - Nick allows that he felt kind of crappy and that Vicki didn't deserve the way he treated her.
Brook & Claire are done.
Thomas looks like a candidate for the short bus the way he's driving his rim.
Kat has her hand up so far on the stick that it looks like she's using her hand.
Michael is having a hard time out there in the heat - I don't think that he's going to make it.

Michael is getting medical assistance. He's going to finish ... good decision since you never know with Nat & Kat. ;-)
He did it - will they beat the Doctors???
Not today.

BUT - OMG - it's a non-elimination leg. They will have to complete a Speed Bump next week but I'm sure that Michael will give it his all.

All of the teams are going to get together and do some work on the school - giving back a bit. They all seem genuinely happy to be able to do it.

#1 - Team Glee
#2 - Gary & Sunshine
#3 - Chad & Stephanie
#4 - Katie & Rachel
#5 - Nick & Vicki
#6 - Brook & Claire
#7 - Jill & Thomas
#8 - Nat & Kat
#9 - Michael & Kevin

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