Sunday, October 24, 2010

Watching TAR17 with Wannietta - part le 5

I missed last week but I'm back in the Race tonight!!

From the Swedish Lapland they're off to Narvik, Norway to the top of a mountain via a specific gondola station.

Nat & Kat - 6:00AM
Gary & Mallory (AKA Sunshine) - 6:04
Brook & Claire - 6:05
Michael & Kevin - 6:30 - I don't know ... Kevin seems like the kind of kid who will live at home for a while or move back.
Jill & Thomas - 6:48 - I missed what school that she went to but Thomas doesn't seem extra smart for having been to college to me.
Nick & Vicki - 7:11 - Yeah ... Narvik is so funky!!
Chad & Stephanie - 8:12
Katie & Rachel - 8:34

Nat's having a bit of a panic attack going up the gondola but she did fine. There's a Fast Forward - they need to eat a sheep's head!! They don't know that ... they just know that it's some sort of traditional Christmas ritual.
Brook & Claire are on the way up, Gary & Sunshine, Michael & Kevin.
Everyone else needs to go to the Skjombrua Bridge for their next clue.
Kat is a vegetarian. Ruh-roh!!!
They've decided to rip the head up so that they don't know what every little bit is. I don't think that it's working.

Kat's choking it down - trying a trick that I used to use for ham when I was little - swallowing it whole.
Teams need to repel over & down to the water below, signal for 1 of 2 boats for their clue then use a mechanical ascender to take them back up to the bridge where they can open their next clue.
Strength, Stamina & Guts - Kevin is going for it along with Claire (who explains a wedgie to the nice Norwegian).
Nat & Kat are listing all sorts of other foods that they are imagining the sheep's head to be.
Gary is down nice & fast.
Hey - those vikings are wearing knitted head-things. OMG - I have lost my grasp of the English language!!!
Nat & Kat are off to the pit stop - Ankenes Marina.
Nick & Vicki just got to the top of the mountain & are deciding to try for the Fast Forward. "We're going to have to hurry because I think everybody's going to be doing that FF". WTF? Why would they try to do it when 4 teams are ahead of them.
Katie thinks that there's less anxiety being (close to) last. Okay ...
Thomas just repelled like two north magnets!!
Mechanical ascender is misleading - it's makes you think that you don't have to do all the work yourself.
Poor Vicki doesn't know what "Fast Forward Taken" means. OMG!!! Does it mean that someone is in there, or taken for just right now or period. Should they wait?
There's no "do you want to do the other one", you have to do the Road Block.
Nice sweater on the Norwegian Pit Stop greeter!!
Chad & Stephanie just got their 1st clue with the Sporty Spices right on their heels.
Claire got tired of Brooks non-stop cheerleading. "Bam, just shut up!!"
Kevin is at the top along with Gary.
Thomas banged it out.
Claire is hanging half-way up - this poor girl gets all the rough Road Blocks!!!

She's inching up ... she did it!!!
OMG - Vicki is the one to do it for their team. I'm sure that Nick will lose his shit on her on her way up.
Kevin & Michael are at the Detour:
Bike or Boat
Bike - Choosing a pair of bikes, making note of the colour of their bicycle lock, take a grueling ride to the sign where they have to memorize the combination matches the colour of their lock then ride back to the start and using the combination, unlock the next clue.
Boat - Make their way to a fishing trawler. Using a map for reference they need to direct the captain to specific spot on shore, continuing on foot teams must deliver two large cod & a chainsaw a summer lodge to receive their next clue. Another nice sweater on the lodge clue-giver.
Kevin & Michael are doing Boat, Jill & Thomas and Gary & Sunshine are doing Bike.
Brook & Claire are going by sea.
Geez - Vicki rocked out that ascending!!! Chad isn't far behind her but she totally did excellent!!!
Katie is doing it for team Sporty Spice.
Gary & Sunshine discover that the rocks are slippery & walking the bikes is safer.
Thomas puts Jill in charge of memorizing their combo - even though she asked if it matters what number they use. She remembered it. They are now off to the Pit Stop.
Gary & Mallory and Kevin & Michael are off to the Pit Stop too.
Kevin thought that they fish weighed about 40lbs, Brook is reckoning them at 60lbs.
Jill & Thomas might be lost or maybe they're just fighting about it. No, they're driving in circles followed by Kevin & Michael.
Katie just finished her bridge Road Block. They think that they're not far behind the rest of the pack because they saw Jill & Thomas drive past.

Thomas gets directions - apparently behind them.
Vicki is totally kicking Nick's ass on the Bike.
Chad & Stephanie are pulling up to shore; Katie & Rachel are going for Boat too.
Foot race at the marina - Jill & Thomas win followed by Kevin & Michael.
Brook smacked her face with the car door and has a cut on her eye. Phil is making a big deal out of it. Sigh.
Chad is ragging on Stephanie to hurry up the rocks ... though he's carrying the fish & the chainsaw so I guess he can talk.
As long as Chad & Stephanie don't get lost ... they ask for directions so maybe they'll be okay.
They're okay.

#1 - Nat & Kat
#2 - Gary & Mallory
#3 - Jill & Thomas
#4 - Michael & Kevin
#5 - Brook & Claire
#6 - Vicki & Nick
#7 - Chad & Stephanie

Goodbye - Team Sporty Spice ... Katie & Rachel

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  1. It's more fun reading your reports than actually watching the race!