Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breakout Kings

So my first clue that something was up in the Tdot was this. There were NYPD cars, NYC cabs & Yukons up & down every other street, along with the requisite white paneled movie-set type trucks every where!

So the DKC meeting went great - it w
as awesome to be able to see so many of my friends that I don't see unless I get down into The City. Thanks so much for all of your positive comments & encouragement!!! Elise was an excellent speaker & had the most excellent slide show of knit-related pictures and art running on the screen behind her - an amusing and intriguing diversion but it totally did not detract from her presentation.

A few of us went to Mercurio's afterward where I was the most distracted by the filming of Breakout Kings. I couldn't help myself - curiosity overwhelmed me & I asked someone what they were filming.
We were fortunate enough to see them do several runs of a scene right across the street. I took pictures but I have my first reason to curse the iPhone - there is no freakin' zoom!!! You'll just have to take my word for it that this is Laz Alonso. Not that I remotely recognized him, I Googled it. They also renamed the Bata Shoe Museum the Geller Museum. Not that you can read that in the picture but that's what it says.

If for no other reason than to see if I can spot this scene I'll be tuning in & watching Breakout Kings!!

As an interesting note, I wonder if obtaining filming rights in our fair city exempts the filming company from our idling bylaw. I am quite certain that the Yukon that Laz was driving was idling the entire time that we were in the restaurant - I didn't notice in any of the 4 or 5 takes that we saw that he turned it off & took the keys out. The lights certainly stayed on the entire time & when he came out he backed it up 5 truck lengths and waited to do it over again. Just wondering, that's all.

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  1. Movie productions are above the law. And if you could throw all that lovely money to the city council, you could idle your rig as long as you wanted. They would make a special ammendment to the laws just for you.