Thursday, October 7, 2010

Days 1 & 2 Again

I measure my time now by days - * Day 1 being the day of chemo treatment, after day 7 it's the good week then the great week. Repeat from* 4 more times.

I came home from treatment yesterday with a fierce & debilitating headache. I spent yesterday, last night & most of today in bed sleeping & napping to let the Tylenol work. I'm much better now & knock on wood that'll be the worst of it this time rou
The Lorazepam is definitely helping my sleep patterns & the Prilosec has totally got the heartburn under control. God bless pharmaceuticals!!!

I'm ready to lose my Smeegle
look and am going to fetch a wig (My Precious!!!) tomorrow.

The popular vote is for the Long & Luscious Red
but I'm not entirely certain that I won't just got with the Blonde Bombshell first. Shelly will be going with me & will be the final opinion - I must advise you that she's a blonde!! LOL Whichever one I don't get first I will get in a couple of weeks.

I think that I'll finish Shedir le Lime tonight - the nurses were very impressed with Shedir le Violet yesterday!!


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! RED! Love RED! Blondes are a dime a dozen. (sorry Shelly)

  2. Looking at the pics, I'd have to say the red suits you better, IMHO - and this coming from a blonde (well, brunette, really, but you know...)

  3. Red Red Red suits you so well Wannietta -honest!

    Don't be in a rush to spend too much $ on wigs -- my friend found them too hot to wear a lot -- so she wore hats most of the time and only wore her wig for fancy occasions. They do have little bang things that go under the hats so that you have hair showing - have you seen them anywhere?

  4. Anne - I've heard some of the same but I tend to be cold anyway and I'm also thinking forward to going back to work in the spring. Not being sure how well my hair will have grown in ... and insurance will pick up about 1/2 of the tab so it's not too bad. But I might get hooked on them!!!

  5. You are so brave and generous to share your Smeagle look. Thank you. It makes it not-so-fearsome to me.

    You know the blonde bombshell comes with all jokes attached, didn't you? Are you ready? In defense, you might try, "Why are all the blonde jokes one-liners?"

    "So jealous brunettes can remember them."

  6. Once the last chemo treatment happens, your hair will grow back very quickly, for the same reason it fell out. Chemo targets fast growing cells, which are cancer cells, hair cells, stomach cells, etc.

    I had my last chemo on Dec 28, 2009 and had my first trim in March.

    Keep in mind that your new hair will most likely not be at all like your old hair and may require quite an adjustment. I went from mousy brown, fine thin hair to dark mahogany, thick and coarse hair with a ton of body.

    My girlfriend went from brown and straight to curly and pewter.

    Can't wait for your new hair. :)

  7. Roxie - As I've learned and gained from those who have gone before me I feel a bit of an obligation to share the not-so-great for those - God forbid - who might come after me. And besides, if I can't find the humour and laugh a bit at it then everyone else can't laugh with me!!

    Holly - I can't wait to see what kind of hair I might get back - I'm hoping for lovely curls & not gray!! LOL

  8. Hey Wannietta,

    I love the blonde! The red is lovely too and is closer to your colour. The blonde really suits you and looks like fun!


  9. I like the red. It's sassy. *two snaps and a circle*

    Maybe a different color of blonde? The one you're sporting just seems so.... safe. Not you.