Monday, November 1, 2010

Bring it On!!!

Can you even believe that it's November already? No matter, I'm totally ready for whatever it has to throw at me.

I finished the RF of China Clouds!!! Just in time to decide about NaKniSweMo. I was torn - I'm not one to take a challenge lightly and I
want to choose a sweater that would be challenging for me but I also am committed to finishing China Clouds, sooner rather than later. And the back of China Clouds is no small task so I've decided that I am going to do On The Easy Side from Knit One Below for which I over dyed some Koigu Kersti specially and have it laid out in knitting order. I sorted it so that the lighter skeins are going to be on the sleeves with the darker/richer colours in the body. I'm going to cast on as soon as I'm done posting this.

I also finished my Sweet Spot strip out of the yarn that I dyed at Shelridge Farm. Mine is on the left, the Creatively Dyed strip is on the right.
It was a fun day that is memorialized in yarn!! I don't know what yarn I'll swatch up next - maybe I'll leave it to The People. Y'all did an excellent job picking a hair colour!

The new sleeping pills are the bomb but I have to make sure to take them early enough/go to bed early enough the night before if I've got AM plans because it takes me a bit to crawl out from under that hammer! Not complaining, just saying.

Oh - a winter picture for Elise. I'm not sure that she'll
actually get to feel Canadian snow before she heads for her European home so this picture will have to play a good 2nd fiddle.


  1. The strips of knitting look SO KEWL! We got snow here too. I went into the grocery store for a few things and then came out to WOW! SNOW! Grrr....

  2. Those sweet spot strips just rock! And you are wise not to over-commit for the knit challenge. I've tried the NaNoWriMo Which originated the national november do something or other month. NaNoWriMo has you write a fifty thousand word novel in a month. Blasts right through the writing blocks. You CAN write a novel in a month. It may not be a GOOD novel, but it may have the seeds of a good novel in it. Same with the knitting challenge. It may not be a fabulous perfect sweater, but you are bound to learn important lessons while knitting it. Knit on!