Friday, October 1, 2010


Day 14 - My hair has started coming out right on schedule. I told Amanda that it had started happening & she said, "Already?".

Day 16 -
Up until now I've been able to look in a mirror and walk around in public and not have to think "Hey, I've got cancer". Like I said to Amanda this morning, "I'm starting to look like I've got cancer now".

I have to just not touch my head or it turns into a hair removing session that borders on OCD. The dead hair won't come out with just combing/brushing, I have to pull it out. So it's a whole thing of running my fingers through my hair, kind of twisting and grabbing hair and pulling, but not too hard because some hair is still attached. My scalp is sensitive anyway and it's giving me a headache, all of this pulling.

It's hard. I know ... I'm beautiful, it'll grow back ... blah, blah, blah. They don't call hair a woman's crowning glory for nothing. I think hope that I'll be fine once it's gone & I can get used to it & learn to rock the bald.

So there was nothing for
it but to put on my Shedir & go look at wigs. I let Amanda have the day off so that she could come with and nothing starts the day better than Starbucks!!

I love the blonde and the long red - I'll go back next Friday when Kerwyn gets paid (like my taste in yarn,my taste in wigs does not run to the low-end!!) and get them fitted & styled. Our insurance companies will reimburse us for part of it the rest will be paid back in my happiness.
I've added a poll in the sidebar - I'd love to know what your favorite look is!!

I am trying to get as much fun & living and stuff done as I can during the time when I'm feeling well. OMG - you should see my calendar for the 3rd week in October!!

I baked banana bread - it tasted as good as
it looks!!!

I have arranged for a dyeing workshop at Shelridge Farms on Monday; I'm so excited!!! We are going to be dyeing sock yarn but I'm also taking along some Koigu Kersti that I bought on the DKC trip a few years ago. It was a serious bargain because they discovered that the dye was not colourfast. I am trying to sun-bleach them a bit more and then will overdye them with Buffy's help so that I can make an On the Easy Side from Knit One Below.

If my hair can't look great (until I get wigs that is!!) I'm totally going to have lovely hands!! The rings that I had ordered from Silpada came - I love them!!!
I've gone through the catalog and marked off more that I want.


  1. I think you were born to be a red head!

  2. LOL - it's the Irish in me finally breaking free. The blonde didn't photograph as good as it looks IRL.

  3. I voted for the blond, but I also adore the short red wig--it nearly came to a game of eeny-meeny-miny-moe.

  4. I used to totally skeeve my husband out by pulling out handfuls of hair and offering it to him. :) I'm bad.

    I couldn't wear wigs. My chemo was Taxol and Cisplatin and it made my scalp so sore and so itchy that I stuck with hats. I'd rip my wig off after about 10 minutes. And I was often too tired to bother with it. AND it helps to be a knitter.

    When you start thinking you look "sick", go find the funniest movie you can. Laughter makes you feel so much better.

    And remember that you're trading your hair for a healthy life. It's a bargain.

    My fine brown hair grew back thick, coarse and darker than my original hair. I'm liking it. Oh, and my nails were horridly soft and splitty during chemo but they are as hard and strong as acrylics now. Chemo giveth and taketh. :)

    You are blessed.

  5. I'm trying to revel in the blessed moments so that they can carry me through the times when I feel more cursed. I know that I'm playing for the end game and the battle scars will be worth winning the war.

    I'll have to try the funny movie thing - maybe I'll go pick up Big Bang Theory on DVD ... I have a geeky crush on Sheldon!!

  6. I love the short and sassy. It says it all.

  7. I got laid more often as a redhead. Just sayin'.

  8. I remember when I was a feisty redhead. Good times. Go for it.

  9. The red, the blonde... all of them! :-)
    Yeah, the removing hair becomes an obsession really quickly. Not that I know from nearly 8 months ago or anything!

  10. the rings are great!must go look.... and I love the red, long look. gorgeous!!!!