Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I know that blog posts without pics are boring but there ya go. Forewarned is forearmed.

Weekends are totally starting to utterly suck. And in none of the ways that can be construed as good. Friday nights are my night without taking the Lorazepam which means that I pretty much don't sleep; if I'm luck I'll get a couple of hours around dawn. This means that I'm over tired on Saturday and my coping skills for anything are severely diminished. I also don't sleep well Saturday night because I'm so frelling over tired that even with the L. I can't get to sleep. Sunday is a Zombie day. If everyone just leaves me alone I can knit and get through the day without taking any prisoners or leaving behind casuaties.
I've taken to taking an extra L. an hour or so after the first one. I know ... I see the nice Dr. again on Tuesday & I'll be totally asking for something with the strength of a hammer upside the head. Fuck getting dependent, I just want to sleep!!! I'll join a program when this cancer-treatment roller coaster ends.

I totally lost track of time, space & TV ... The Amazing Race ran a leg without me. I'm back on track today - the support group at Gilda's is a welcome haven.

I'm heading down to the DKC meeting tomorrow night - Elise & Soak are going to be there, I'm really looking forward to it!! I'll be stopping by the Apple store at Yorkdale on my way down. I changed my email address in my iTunes account but it doesn't seem to sync with my iPhone which is a problem because I can't do anything with my iTunes account when I'm mobile.

I finished the first of a pair of socks for Elise; you'll just have to trust me since it's Top Secret. I've cast on straight away for the 2nd one - I love knitting the 2nd sock!! It goes so quickly for me since I just have to make it match the 1st one.


  1. Drugs definitely have their place, and when you need them, you need them...

    have fun tomorrow night - I have got to haul myself out there some time...

  2. Thank God for drugs! Amen, amen. I'm sorry this is getting to be such a rough ride. Remember when we were young and would stay up all night romancing and then get up and go to work in the morning? How did we do it?