Friday, October 29, 2010

3rd time NOT a Charm

The 3rd round of chemo was NOT a charm. Last time it was headache, this time it was nausea. Even with the meds I was down for the count - nothing that a friend bringing ginger ale, another bringing dinner and a couple of days in bed couldn't cure but still. Today is better but still not excellent - I've been spoiled by good luck so far.
The fact that my period is not lighter & did not stop altogether - both possible side effects - but has decided to come every 3 weeks with chemo cycle just seems like adding insult to injury!! It's screwing with my hormones/emotions and is probably not helping my borderline anemia. Sigh - it's always something with cancer.

But the knitting is continuing. I finished the Ana Bandana yesterday in bed with Mischief. I'll get Amanda to model it tonight maybe - I think it will look cuter on her.

I started a new project for Elise - I can't take a picture without giving it away (another Top Secret project) but here's what the yarn looks like. The beige is Kollage Sock-a-licious and the chocolate/cherry is Claudia's Hand Paint Fingering.

I've also finished the RF of China Clouds and am working on the ends!!! Just the back to do and final finishing - the end is in sight!!!

And how awesome is it to have friends whose last name is Comfort?
Judy & Bob came by on the weekend to drop off the Back to Back trophy - yes, it's come back to roost in Canada.


  1. Wannietta, I feel your pain and remember those days! My doctors actually put me on hormones to keep me from cycling, which was both a blessing and a curse--no bleeding, but plenty of hot flashes! I like to joke that I will go through menopause twice in my life.

    Hang in there. Any ginger tea around? That's what I always liked for the nausea.

  2. Argh. Having had my own issues -- thanks, fibroids! -- I empathize. Never thought menopause would sound so good.

    Ginger tea is awesome. That and a cool room seem to work when I have the flu. Feel better!

  3. Bless your dear heart! If you feel cruddy, imagine how crappy the cancer cells are feeling. They must be dying by the droves!

    Hooray for the support system! Friends are beyond price at times like this.

  4. I don't have ginger tea - I'm old-school with the peppermint. ;-)

    I won't have to take Arimidex or Tamoxifen since the tumour is non progesterone or estrogen receptive, so just getting through the chemo hopefully my cycle will go back to normal.

    Amen Rox!!

  5. Oh that sucks. The period thing figures. The Fates seem to delight in this kind of thing. Mojo!