Sunday, October 10, 2010

Measurable Progress

I have finished another pair of socks!! This is a bit momentous because even though I usually have a pair in progress I work on so many other things that socks seem take me forever, which is also why I tend to do just simple stockinette ones. Though I really do want to work through Cat Bordhi's sock book and maybe do one or two of the Yarnissima sock kits that I have.

Before I start on something new - something for Elise I think - I had to turn my attention back to China Clouds. I have both sleeves and the LF done and I'm past the armhole shaping on the RF.
It's coming along nicely & I'm still loving working on it.

I finished the Eleanor Cowl out of Malabrigo's Silky Merino.
It really helps keep the back of my neck warm at home! Even though I cast off loosely it's a bit snug going over my head - if I were to knit another one I would take the time to do a sewn bind off for even more stretch.
The hat is Jared's Koolhaas hat knit for me by my friend Joan. It fits wonderfully & is Amanda's favourite!

The Koigu Kersti that I over dyed has a definite range of vivid to lighter. The picture shows the lightest & most vivid out of the 14 that I did. I think that what I am going to do is start the sleeves in the lighter skeins, changing to the more vivid skeins for the body then back to light for the other side. I think that it will work out well and hopefully a bit graduated. I will make it so.

I'm feeling good - the 2nd round of treatment has not hit me any harder than the 1st. I'm feeling the tireds coming on today though, I'm glad that I have absolutely nothing planned for tomorrow and very little for the rest of the week.

I think that Mischief is being very spoiled by my being home; she absolutely loves insinuating herself onto my lap and I just have to work my knitting around her. I don't know if she just likes having her main human around or if she really sense a need in me for her singular comfort. Once she's settled & I can knit it's really nice.


  1. China clouds is looking awesome and if those socks decide they need a new home, send them my way! Love that colour!

    You rock!

  2. When you are sick, cats will help make you strong by breathing on you. They are the tribe of Tiger, and their breath is the Tiger's breath.

    China Clouds is awesome!!

  3. I don't even remember where I got the yarn from Patrick - I think it was a small indie dyer. I just love the spiral!!

    I'm not even going to Google that Roxie, I love the thought of Mischief imbuing me with strong, cat strength!!!