Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just in Time

My friend Holly sent me a lovely chemo cap last Friday. It arrived in a tiny little box. I got all excited when I saw that it was from Holly & Amanda said, "I guess good things do come in small packages"! The yarn was the same as a favorite sweater that her mother had made for her - it's like extra love!!

As it happens it has a
rrived just in time. Day 14 - exfoliation has commenced. Remember when I had said that I was kind of hoping for a whole naked mole rat thing but the doctors were quite certain that it would only be my head? Well, looks like I'm a bit of an anomaly & am going to save some money on shaving cream after all! It's both disturbing & fascinating ... you know how when you pull hair out by the root there's an actual root? Not so much with chemical interference.
I don't know how rapidly this will go, I'm resisting the urge to constantly comb my hair or put on a freak show by grabbing handfuls at a time.

I started on another Shedir. Seriously, this is my most favourite cap!!!
This one is green - a nice avocado green Calmer that I was unable to capture properly or manipulate enough to be accurate.

Random - "You were abducted, of course you need crepes!" Walter, Fringe, Season 2


  1. Would you like a variety of false eyelashes? The selection available for Halloween is astonishing! Red feathers, silver glitter or burlesque queen ultra thick with an extra row of rhinestones above the lashes? And you can experiment with eyebrows. Draw them arched high like you just saw a rat. Or try a Brook Shields heavy and straight. Hooray for new chemo caps! Find every silver lining. Thnk how much you will save on bikini waxng.

  2. LOL - I'm not sure if I'm coordinated enough to apply eyelashes, I'll have to learn about eyebrows & the bikini waxing -- I actually use an epilator so it'll be more about saving some discomfort & time. plus this will be an interesting new "look" LMAO

  3. Somehow the image of a person pulling out clumps of hair in front of unruly middle schools students has lodged itself in my brain, and it's unbelievably funny!

    If you don't have to use the epilator, that's a good thing in my book. That thing still hurts after all these years!

  4. LOL - It might be just the thing to utterly quiet the bus!!!