Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thorpe Interrupted

Okay, last night I got distracted.

But today I am just sick. My glands are swollen, my muscle aches ache, my sinuses are no longer the empty, don't-remember-they-exist cavities that they should be, my throat is scratchy or worse, dry so that I have to drink or suck on Halls (sugar-free black cherry) constantly to not cough, my eyelids are heavy so that even though I'm not sleepy-tired I have to close my eyes, things are spinny and, the absolute worst is that, except for a few lucid hours, I've only been able to hold my knitting like a security blanket.
So while Amanda doesn't have a finished Thorpe hat, she does have 2 partially finished ones. I'm knitting the main part of the hats before I go into the contrast edging, pompoms and cords.

I'm on my sick couch and will be heading off to bed momentarily. NyQuil (liquiCaps) and a night cap should have me off into a dreamless & recuperative torpor soon.

See you on the flip side!

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