Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Imaginary Friend

Joan & I finally got out to Cindy's. Ill health and busy schedules conspired against us but I'm nothing if not persistent!

Cindy was camera shy,
but she had no problem documenting her stash!! It's not that she's all that anal (but I am put to shame by her organizational skills!), but it's a farm house and some of God's little creatures are looking for shelter from the cold.

Mostly sock yarn.

Other yarn.

Operations Central.

More other yarn.

Knitting library.

She stroked my ego, "You're the best finisher that I know!", plied me yarn , homemade & hearty soup for lunch and the most comfortable chair in the house. How could I not finish a few baby sweaters for her?!? Don't tell Cindy, but I would've done it without the the foreplay!! I really do like seaming so it wasn't all that onerous of a chore. And if Nancy Wiseman can be conned into convinced to finish Cindy's sweaters, I'm in pretty good company! And Cindy's a friend and if you can't help a friend ...

Joan had a great time.
She browsed the library, fondled yarn (Cindy sent her home with some souvenirs too!) and knit the day away.

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