Tuesday, January 22, 2008

4 Things

Kristina knows how I like quizzes, and I guess, if you free-associate really hard and take your answers and twist them like pretzels, then crush them and mix them into a cake batter you could make a même into a quiz. sigh But never let it be said that Wannietta Prescod is a party pooper!!

Four Jobs I've Had

Burger King slop-slinger (actually I really like most of their stuff, especially when it's fresh)
Nanny (nope, not quite Mary Poppins)
Real Estate Secretary
Bus Driver

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over
Only 4 - awwwww c'mon!!!

Casino Royale (the new version) (any Bond film actually)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Original Sin
the Lara Croft movies

I've got a bit of a crush on Sean Connery & Angelina Jolie

Four Places I Have Been

Going to Bloomington, MN next month!
Note to self - get a fucking life!!

Four Places I Have Lived

This is going to be quite boring...

Durham, Ontario
Orillia, Ontario
Milton, Ontario
Angus, Ontario

Four TV Shows I Watch

CSI (all of its iterations)
The Grand Slams of Tennis
A lot of reality TV (not the dating, dancing or singing ones)

Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly


Four Favorite Foods

Only 4 - YOU GOTTA be kidding me!!

Curry (sorry, not goat)

Four Places I Would Rather Be

In a hotel, somewhere tropical, with wi-fi and a drinkie, knitting.
At Ada's, with a drinkie, knitting.
Home alone, with a drinkie, knitting.
At Cindy's, knitting.

Hmmmm - even I detect a bit of a theme/trend there. Piss off - I don't have a problem!!!

Four Things I'm Looking Forward To

Being done the knitting competition at the Knit Out.
Being alone again with Kerwyn.
Authoring a book. Yeah, probably about knitting.
Seeing my children succeed.

Four People to Tag

I'm going to slack off on this one and take the losers easy way out - if you wanna do it, knock yourself out. If not, we'll still be friends tomorrow.

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