Friday, January 4, 2008

In with the New

There are many ways that you can be complimented. A simple "Thank you", a nice card and wearing/using the knitted item are all fairly common. Then there's the someone who loves it so much that they wear out the sweater (or socks or mitts) that you've knit for them because it was their absolute favourite. I think that sleeping in the item the 1st night that they get it is a tie for 1st place!! Do you think that she loves the hat?

Okay - here they are in the light (or twilight actually) of day.

Beach Fog Thorpe has only 2 garter ridges (instead of the called-for 4) before starting on the earflaps.
- Dream in Colour Classy

- 1 skein yarn doubled, 6mm needles

The November Muse Thorpe has the 4 ridges and fits a bit big on her so she wears it back on her head a bit, but she loves it anyway.
- Dream in Color Fatty
1 skein, 6mm needles

I did have her try them on before I started finishing them and she didn't want me to change either one!
I did a crab stitch edging instead of single crochet - just a personal preference. I think that crab stitch makes for a more substantial and visually interesting edging. I also went with twisted ropes instead of braids - again with me and my personal preferences! She wanted extra pompoms but they're a pain in the ass to make so I only did them for the brown one.

Here is the Keito Dama Winter 2007 #136
and a few of my favourite patterns.
In case you d
idn't already know, I have a small weakness for cables.

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