Monday, January 7, 2008

File Under: WTF?

Okay, so back in the fall Amanda & I went in search of a snow suit and we found the one that she loved at WalMart. It was cheap enough, especially considering how hard she is on clothes, so we bought it.
When we got home she cut off the price tags and looked for the magnetic, anti-theft tag. She's pretty good at
finding them - the Old Navy hides them like there's money riding on it! She couldn't find one so I didn't give it much thought. (See - nothing here!) Maybe WalMart just trusts people.
Then every once in a while she'd beep going into and coming out of some stores - most notably the Sobeys in town. Amanda taken to wearing a different coat if she knew that we were going there. I'd just tell her to keep walking - I honestly can't be bothered stopping, walking back to the CS
desk with the entire store watching just to have them scan everything after I try explaining that she just beeps!
Yesterday one of the diligent CS ladies at Sobeys came after us. I expla
ined my sad story and she said that there was probably a tag. I sucked up the sarcastic retort that came unbidden to the tip of my tongue and without rolling my eyes explained that I'd looked for one and couldn't find it. She said that it's sometimes in the back neck tag. I thanked her and we left.
When we got home Amanda checked and she said that she could feel one. So I loo
ked & felt. Who the fuck in their right minds would HIDE a magnetic, anti-theft tag inside the jacket label? Which is sewn down?!?

Whatever - so I snipped a few threads figuring that the magnetic, anti-theft tag would just slip out.
The Moron who would put a magnetic,
anti-theft tag inside a sewn-down label was a freakin' Mensa-level genius next to the fucktard who would SEW DOWN the magnetic, anti-theft tag UNDER the sewn-down jacket label AND label it thusly:
How, in any of the possible multi-verses, by any stretch of the imagination (and when I say "imagination" I mean like Tad Willams, Terry Pratchett or Clive Barker scale imagination!!) was I supposed to guess that there was a tag under there?!? Really.

My incredulity now knows it's outer limit!!

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