Sunday, January 13, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part 12.10

Oh yeah, he totally pushed her!
If anyone can go ripping over a speed bump it's TK & Rachel!

How many "Who's your Daddy?" shirts can one man own (and wear)?
When did they start playing "Nice Jen & Nate"?
You're doing just fine Donald - you do old guys everywhere proud.
That's a mighty high building.
Poor Nate, stuck at the back of the elevator. Kinda sad that Jen is kicking your ass at the running so far.
Quite the trash-talkin' mouth you've got there Nick.
I guess we'll see who plays like bitches tonight.
OMG - Thai food comes from Taiwan. His Taiwanese friends are probably from Korea. Does Nate dye his hair?
let there be only one set of seat on the 1:00 flight and let Kristina & Ron get them!!
Oh Kristina, bad Karma.
Poor Jen again - maybe everybody should just let you in front of them and make it easy today since it's your birthday.

I know baby, it sucks to be cute & blonde and not win/get everything that you want.
- they caught up!!
Could Jen look any more miserable and pissed off? I think that she's forgetting that they have an entire extra task to perform.
Well Nick, I guess TK & Rachel aren't playing like bitches so far.

Acrobatics Jeep - I can't wait to see what that entails.
Jen should consider seeing someone to work through some of her entitlement & resulting anger issues.
Awesome - that was nice.
By a slim margin but still in 2nd!
Good one for Ron - he doesn't actually have to do anything. And I'm sure that TAR wouldn't show someone .
I think that Kristina is enjoying this a little too much!!
Payback's a bitch!!
I love that Kristina is so fluent in Japanese!
As speed bumps go this is kind of cool and I totally think that they'll be able to do it with .
You're covered in protective gear - no worries.
See - easy-peasy!

Jen will go absolutely thermal if TK & Rachel make the train!

TK & Rachel slack off?!? How do you figure? They had to do an extra task man!
Oh I see. Because you're a high-strung, uptight, entitled (which reallydoes have to be a lot more work) and they're actually enjoying this experience

And on your birthday too!

or Earth ?
Fire looks like fun! THAT is supposed to reduce stress?!?
You made the call Ron - just you remember that.
Crazy white bitch screaming at the will almost certainly make him want to go faster.
Jen should really see a
I'm sure that there are medicinal remedies for those moods swings.
Ron was really into that.
Kristina & Ron have got it going on today!! He's even being nice. I'm so glad that Kristina persevered and kept her cool with him. It's really paid off.
You made the call to take the subway Jen - it's on you. Nate's asked you twice now about taking the cab.
Oh, now you want him to make a decision.
Alright Nate - don't let her bitch slap you on this one.

THIS is the self-destruction that I was hoping for last week.
Way to go Kristina & Ron!!!
Way to work it out TK & Rachel!
Nick & Don right behind them.
Jen & Nate are a bit lost ... they found the stone path.
TK & Rachel and Nick & DOn are having a hard time finding an English-speaking cabbie.
- amazing!!!

C'mon Nick & Don - you cannot let Jen & Nate win!
This is just too much ... Jen and Nate are GONE!!!
What's this sappy drivel? Your relationship had no hope on this race - you had way too many issues coming into it! Suck it up buttercup.

Given that Ron has really made some changes and is fairly likeable now I'm kind of torn over which team that I'll be rooting for. Maybe I'll just be one of those mostly impartial reporters. Yeah, that's it. I'll cheer for TK & Rachel and Kristina & Ron and may the best team win!!

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