Sunday, January 20, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part 12.11 the finale

Thank God for PVR - Amanda has been struck down with the flu since Saturday and nursemaids don't get a lot of alone time with the TV. I swear, she has caught up on all of the sleep that she has ever missed and then some!! Poor 'ittle girly.

How many flights out of Taipei can there be to Anchorage? I have a feeling they'll all be leaving together.
Maybe it's because I live in Canada, but why would anyone really want to go to Alaska?
What are those 2 up to?
Clever, very very clever.
And yet the TK & Rachel & Nick & Don don't wonder what they were doing?
Hmmmm, 6th Avenue Outfitters. Perhaps there is a clue to it's whereabouts in the name? I mean, how big could 6th Avenue be in Anchorage? Could there even be 2 6th Avenues?
Am I the only one thinking, "Up Ship Creek without a paddle"?
Cut the Cod - a bit disgusting ...
Grab the Crab
Cancerouch!! Those things would pinch & how would you keep track of which ones you've checked?
Cut the Cod it would be.
That was fast - at least Ron didn't have to be careful about cutting the fish open. Better to be lucky than good.
OOPS!!! I guess you're the one playing like a (stupid) bitch this week Nick. Remember his comment last week?

You're a bit fucked Don, but really, you're a team!! Did it occur to you, on the most important leg of the race, to read the clue yourself to make sure that nothing was missed? Yeah, I didn't think so.
Shut Up

The crab task sucks!
They didn't quit just in time!!
Well Nick, I guess you could use your toes or mouth, but I'd use my hands.
Don rocked that gutting!
I love TK & Rachel's attitude!!
I'd've thought that the water would be more clear or blue, not quite so muddy.
Cabbies & airlines - the great TAR equalizers.
Nick's "... gotten to see all kinds of the world."
Question Mark
Rock_climberIf it doesn't scare you a little it's just not worth trying.
Ron's really working those ice picks!
C'mon Christina!!

I think that once she can get her legs over that edge she'll be fine.
You're wearing a harness - it's not like they'd let you drop into the water!
HueyThat would be an awe-inspiring ride!!
You called it Ron - exhilarating
Funny how Ron & Don rocked that ice face while Christina & Nick struggled.
I'd suck at this - I live so much in the moment.
Thinking I have trouble remember yesterday, let alone last week or the whirlwind that has been TAR!!!
I guess it's a strategy. Put everything on the scale, then start taking things off.
I don't think that people are animals.
See - I'm not the only one that TAR is a big old blur for.
Whoever gets this totally deserves to win! Even if it turns out to be Nick by some freak accident.

Chill Chris - you can do this!
OMG!!! Well done Rachel!!
Don looks totally gutted. He knows Nick isn't up to this task. Not that Don would necessarily have fared any better.
Salmon Hooker?!? I wonder if the salmon are all over Anchorage like the moose in Toronto?
I wish that we knew how far apart the teams were!
I think that you have become a better person Ron. I really do.

I'm dying here!!!

Bravo - they really earned it & deserve it!!
I would have been happy to see Ron & Christina win, but I was really pulling for TK & Rachel. Their attitude throughout the whole race was excellent (except for that blip in the camel milking, but I can overlook that).
I'm really glad that Ron & Chris made it all the way to the end, that Ron really learned from the experience and that they are closer for it. Who's your Daddy?
Daddy Loves You
No shame Don - you rocked it out!!
Don still looks pissed
Kicking Dirt - I wonder how many times he'll remind Nick about forgetting that bag of gear?

Bring on TAR 13!!!
Until then, Big Brother 9 starts Feb. 12th !!

See ya on the flip side!

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