Friday, January 4, 2008

Out with the Old

    Proof of Life 2007

    1. Fairisle Pullover - Knitting Patterns for Dummies

    2. Merino Stripes Cowl - Knitting Patterns for Dummies

    3. Colourwork Vest - Elise Duvekot

    4. Wild Thing socks

    5. Cropped Vero Sweater

    6. Shedir

    7. Wigwam Kids Sweater - Knitting Patterns for Dummies

    8. Checkmark Shawl - Elise Duvekot

    9. Purple Vancouver - Artisan Knitworks

    10. Block Sweater - Elise Duvekot

    11. Bemidji - Artisan Knitworks

    12. 2 ChicKamis

    13. Silk Shrug

    14. Opal Socks

    15. Marjaana/Rumba Vancouver - Artisan Knitworks

    16. La Luz Camisole - Elise Duvekot

    17. Taos Cardigan - Artisan Knitworks

    18. Purple Cassidy Cardigan

    19. White Cotton Twin Set

    20. DKC Knits for a Cure Scarves - 5

    21. Hydrangea Lace Scarf - Julie

    22. Vivacious - Applelaine

    23. Luck o' the Irish mittens

    24. Felted Tweed sweater - Elise Duvekot

    25. RSC Inside Out Socks

    26. Foxy Boxes Jacket - Artisan Knitworks

    27. Waterfall Socks

    28. Elise's Kaffe Fasset socks

    29. Amanda's Shrug

    30. Green Cassidy Cardigan

    31. B&W Koigu Kersti sweater - Elise

    32. Rowan Patrick

      Not a bad summary of a year. I know that if I lay off my online euchre habit and don't spend quite so much time Raveling I can get a lot more done! Fiona's Inspired Fair Isle Knits came out along with Knitting Patterns for Dummies.
      This year I'm especially looking forward to Joanne Yordanou's Twelve Months of Knitting and Elise's book - as yet untitled. I'm sure that there will also be a lot of excellent projects for some of my favourite designers and clients; I can't wait to find out what they are!

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