Sunday, January 6, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part 12.9

I was abducted by aliens. They're not stoopid you know, you've been blogging!!!

Okay, um, my TV broke. Not much better - they know that you'd curl up in a fetal ball and suffer torturous withdrawal and that you'd just buy a new one before an hour passed by.

Okay, I'm just a gargantuan git and we're going to pretend that I haven't missed 2 episodes of TAR. 'Nuff said. and of all the drek that you can stream & download why can't I find TAR?!?

Japan - freakin' A!! I wonder if I'd have time to find a yarn shop or two?
Poor Nick had to really fold himself into that cab!
I wonder if Ron knows Japanese better than Christina?
I guess Nick isn't a big believer in "fair play" (unless he's playing Johnny Fairplay style) or in karma. Fantasizing about kneecapping the competition? Desperation isn't a good sign.
Way to speak up for yourself Christina!
Ron is still such a grumpy old man. At least he admits it, but still ...
It's all about the connecting flights!

Who is it?
NOT TK & Rachel!
You go Christina!
Nate & Jennifer are so not deserving to win!
Seems easy enough - the cabbie is doing most of the work.
How many cleaning men
can there be in a train/bus station?
I've got the give Jen some credit - at least she picked up on the "search the grounds" part of the clue.
I love the mirrors that they've got on the front of those cabs!
Like I said - how hard could it be to find the cleaning man.

Jen's going to lose her shit on this one!
I don't know whether to hope that Ron does this task or not - I'd like to see them win!
Too fucking funny watching Jen try to puzzle it out!!
Christina rocks!!
At least their passenger
s seem to be very good-natured about their inexperience & ineptitude!
It's only half the battle Jen - you've got to go back again.
TK & Rachel are boned!!
Normally "Daddy" wouldn't be much of a heads-up, but given the circumstances ...
Maybe you shouldn't be poking the man Jen. Perhaps he doesn't give a shit about this wee little chapter in your riveting life story.

Way to be sympathetic there Ron.
The guy sounds like he's on his last breath and you're worried that he's going to die on you!
Sense of smell
- I'm the village idiot of video games because I have a hard time making characters run & jump at the same time.
Again with the nice attitude Nate!
And still with the winning teamwork too.

Did that goalie roll over & just cut Nick & Don a huge break?!?
Okay - Don's little
falling backwards was hilarious!!
Fine. If Nate & Jen finish 1st then maybe they can lose.
Did Nate push Jen? Was he just lending a gentle hand in the back? We'll probably never know.
It's hard to tell with the editing, but maybe Ron & Christina can still beat them!!

Alrighty then Don!!

OMG - I can't wait to see the hissy fit that Jen & Nate throw! 'Cause you know that they're going to!! I'm actually disappointed!!
Okay, so now it's on. You've been holding back 'til now, hunh?
Don's amazing. I still like Ron & Christina to win, but Nick & Don are my 2nd choice. Nate and Jen need to lose.
I love that TK & Rachel are sticking it out and not falling all apart even though they know the gig is up. I'm sad to see them go.
Okay ... it's cool. They're seriously the underdogs but I think that they can do it! They just made a really bad airline choice this leg.

OMG - New American Gladiators!! This writers strike is a real good news/bad news thing for me, what with me loving "reality" shows like I do!!

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