Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Proof of Progress

I know, it's been too long. I leave the porch light on but the door is locked. Well, this is what you've all been waiting for. (Sorry for the slightly fuzzy, but this was the best that Amanda did. You get what you pay for ...) Anyway, you can see that I have been knitting. There is about 5cm done one the back side and 7.5cm done on the sleeves. I had to rip out the other 5cm that I knit on the sleeves earlier today because I made a mistake - on a whole row!!! Sometimes a simple pattern can be too simple. That, and because I'm doing the sleeves in the round the pattern involves purl rows & I need to get into that rhythm.
But it's coming along nicely, notes are being
made on the changes (I will probably just re-type the pattern Julie then corrections can be easily noted & it can be e-mailed to everywhere that it needs to go.)

The Sunshine socks are nearly done - just the toes! I may just do them at home tonight to be able to log a FO.

The Noro Mitered Squares Afghan has not been neglected either.
I won't start sewing until I have enough squares so that I can arrange them 'exactly so' because I'm like that. If you nod any harder Ada your head will bob off!! Here is a picture of the squares arranged so far - you get the idea. I have put in some solids to use up some stash - I am feeling a little woozy ... I may have taken too much out of the stash. The Noro was all stash too.

I have been tagged by Julie for a knitting meme - I will give it some thought and post my answers tomorrow.


  1. Your afghan sqaures are beautiful. I'm like you about having to have stuff like that "just so" ... I'm sure it will be stunning once it's finished. :)

  2. The knitting looks great. Isn't it time for the kids to cook and clean so you can have more knitting time?

  3. They can do their own Pogos & Pizza Pockets and can re-heat leftovers so they won't starve ... and the cleaning ... well, while I'm no neat-freak I do have standards ... let's just say that it's easier (and faster) for me to just do it myself than to supervise them. lol
    But they are becoming more self-sufficient - there is hope for me yet!