Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Not In The Pink & Contest

As you can see, there is a very definite difference in the amount and shade of grey that is in these identical dyelots. I am forging ahead, Amanda won't notice and if she does I really don't think that she will care.

Moda Dea will be getting an e-mail from me. Not a pissed off one, just a heads-up that they have dye lot issues that would seriously irritate a lot of other people. Or me even if the garment was for a client or an adult.

The contest is for the Mary Maxim kit that you can see here (it is in the Light Denim colour). edited to add: Apparently the link will only go to the Home page. If you enter (either site) and then under the category "Fashion Kits" in the lefthand sidebar click "Adult Outdoor Bulky", it is the Bulky Diamond Jacket. Sorry for any confusion!
I would like to know what is your joy, passion or happiness with/in/about knitting. Is it starting or finishing, a special recipient or just the process? A yarn, a colour, a store? Whatever it is ... show & tell.
A picture or short description on your blog (leave a link in my comments), or if you don't have a blog you can leave your 'happy story' in my comments. Everyone will be assigned a random number and then a number will be chosen at further random. One entry per person please. Deadline? Hmmmm. Nov. 27th, midnight should suffice. I look forward to all of the happiness that I will be reading about.


  1. Geez, that is a big colour difference. I don't know if it's my monitor, but it even looks as though the pink is darker...could be because of all the extra grey.

    Cool, a contest! I'll get my essay together. You know where to find me. [g] By the way, the link doesn't take me to the pic of the prize at Mary Maxim...just the home page.

  2. Thanks for the heads-ups on that link! I've added extra details that should clarify it.
    Good luck!

  3. my passion w/knitting is varied.. i am someone who has knit for most of my life..i have always enjoyed creatng clothing to keep family and friends warm in the cold newfoundland climate..however, when i quit smoking almost 4 years ago,knitting was my lifeline...knitting kept me sane and helped me keep my resolve...the process is now just as important as the product...while i enjoy being able to finish a project, i have no problem frogging the whole thing and starting over ..it's meditation in motion...

  4. Wannietta - I hope to see you Saturday too! I'm also hoping that Julie will be able to help me save my clapotis!! *lol* I will probably be there in the afternoon as well so it doesn't interfere too much with the kids' schedule.

    My passion with knitting is seeing how the pattern works its way out ... watching lace emerge into a beautiful pattern, seeing cables come to life and seem to pop off their canvas. I love the learning aspect of it, even the most skilled knitter can learn something new as techniques change and new ones come around ... and the thrill it gives me to actually finish a project. Sometimes, for me, it's a little scary gifting my knitted items to people, but I love it when I see someone's face light up because of the little sweater or blanket (or whatever) I knitted for their baby ... Knitting is peaceful and unnerving at the same time ... it's thrilling, and I'm happy that I took the time in my life to pick up knitting needles and learn to create works of art.

  5. Jocelynn1:33 PM

    Passion with knitting; At first it was a form of therapy. I was told by medical people, doctors, specialists, nurses etc., that I needed to keep using my fingers in fine movements or I would lose them. That is a scary thought. I frantically searched for something that would qualify asfinite movements. My mother and grandmother taught me to knit when I was really little, four or something close, and that would count so I taught myself again. I actually enjoyed it. Creating something yourself that you can actually be proud of is of great value to me, especially when you find other people who can really appreciate it. So to sum up I am passionate about knitting because I have now made so many new friends, kept the use of my fingers and can have a creative outlet that can be appreciated and respected.