Saturday, November 26, 2005

Back in the Knitting Saddle

I've made some very real progress on the Wrap Jacket. I don't have a picture as it is just a sea of cream - but I assure you it's progressing. With 172 sts/row it takes a lot of knitting to be certain that additional fabric is being produced, but it is coming along. I've completed the 2nd halfs' front, and am halfway to the center back.

Here is Amanda in her Sassy Stripes Hat (knit twice - big-headed child that she is).
But the giggle of glee at the sight of (count 'em) 3!!! pom-poms and the word "perfect" when she tried it on was worth every cursed extra stitch. (Don't worry - all curses were rendered harmless with the swell of joy in my heart when I saw her beaming face.)
Here she is at swimming today. She is doing great - she can swim the length of the pool unassisted! Little Mermaid look out!!!
What a day of accomplishments for Amanda - she also received her Burgundy Badge in gymnastics!! She has been working on a one-handed cartwheel (of her own initiative!!) and can almost complete it. There will be a celebration involving pizza & pop tonight!

I needed a new KAL like another ball of yarn, but here I go. I am going to knit Grumperina's JayWalker Socks. As they will be the "to go" project, progress will be slower than you may be accustomed to seeing from me, but bear with me - they will get done.

All of the squares that I need for my Noro Afghan have been knit - now it's just a matter of assembly. I will lay them out tonight and then just pick a corner & start sewing. I don't mind finishing, so this is not as onerous a task as you may imagine. And there is always the pleasant thought of actually finishing a
nother project on my list. Stay tuned for pics on this as it comes together!

There are going to be more personal-type pictures and stories to keep Kerwyn up-to-date on what is happening while he is working in China.

"Hi Daddy!!! Are you in China yet? We're playing nice (for now) and enjoying the snow while it lasts. Did you have a good plane ride?"


  1. I love the 3 pom poms!

    Looks like Kyle & Amanda are having great fun in the snow. Just how many cms(inches) did you get up there?

  2. About 15cm (6") when all was said & done. But it's going to melt by mid-week then get cold again!!!

    You are going to love the new BeadStyle magazine Ada!!!

  3. Nice sassy stripes!

  4. That hat is TOO cute! I love the expression on her face as well!

    Three pom-poms.. way cool!