Monday, November 21, 2005

Busy Days

We had lovely snow flurries on Thursday which gave me the opportunity for this pretty picture taken in the bus loading zone at Bear Creek S.S. (Barrie).
We didn't get quite so much here at home in Angus, but it was enough for Amanda and her
friend Kaylie to get out the shovels on their PA Day (Friday) and have some fun. I'm sure that by the time March rolls around the novelty & fun will have wore off! They came in with rosy cheeks and cold noses that were quickly thawed with mugs of hot chocolate. Kaylie cam with us to do the Bear Creek run in the afternoon (the high school did not have a PA Day - awwww). The two of them had a great time rolling around in the deeper snow & shaking the trees. I made them brush each other off before they came back in the bus!!
Friday was also mid-term report day from Bear Creek. I believe that I may have had a small stroke because there are blank periods from Friday afternoon through Saturday. While I'm sure that it may not have been the worst report to go home from the school, measures are being taken to ensure that numbers in the combinations that we saw will not be on the same page as Kyle's name again. I better stop thinking about this - I'm seeing little black exploding dots.

This is my cousin Pam. As she lives in Kitchener (Ontario) we don't see each
other a lot, so when she hears my voice out of the blue she know it's a "beauty call". She is a hairdresser stylist with skills & patience galore (I almost never really know what I want to have done). She is due full credit for my great colour (and Amanda's!) and the cut. We went a littler deeper red with more subtle red highlights - a nice winter combination. What hair-do's (or hat-day don'ts) happen after I leave her care and am left to my own devices are not a reflection of her abilities. Pam also takes us to Beauticians Supply where I stock up on OPI, Biolage & Soma products (okay - yarn is not my only vice. I love salon products!)
She is holding Rocky - her baby. I think that he's only a year old and filled with puppy enthusiasm.


  1. I've been meaning to ask you how much convincing it took to let your daughter color her hair. You have to be considered the coolest mom ever! The concept of "it will grow back" was lost on my mother when I was that age.

    And I totally agree on the love of salon products. I love OPI. I had to stop myself from buying because my bathroom shelves were getting out of hand.

  2. Well, when Pam finally found the blue that I wanted (Blue Mayhem by Special Effects), pink seemed kinda tame! lol
    The pink hair adds another element to her "one-of-a-kind in Angus" look.

  3. I like Amanda's hair ... it's cute! So, can you knit while you're getting your hair done or no? *lol*

    Oh, and if you need help with any of the levels in RoadBlock, let me know! :)