Monday, November 7, 2005

My Socks Are So Bright ...

I gotta wear shades.

That and the effects of Frangelico can really sneak up on a person.

In the midst of a lot of huffing & puffing I was also able to take a picture of a rainbow yesterday afternoon. I love rainbows
- I don't collect them or anything, but I get excited like a little kid when there is sunshine & rain. I start looking opposite the sun, and if I'm driving I have learned that it's safer for everyone for me to pull over. It's a quirk.

The weather did allow for a lovely lazy, movie-watching mucho-knitting day. More Noro Squares, double-digit cms on the Wrap Jacket and I started a quick little sweater for Amanda. Okay - I'll go take a quick pic of it now then.
It's Moda Dea's Sassy Stripes. 100% acrylic so I haven't bothered to block it but you can see from the picture how wonderful the colours are. The pattern is on that link as well. How could I not whip this off for Amanda? It will match her hair!
I changed the pattern a bit - I started with a 2x2 ribbing because the garter stitch borders were flipping up (flippin' borders!). I am also feeling a bit unsure of the dye lots here. They are the same, yet when I started the new ball, the colours seem to be more of the red/pink and less of the grey. It may just be because of the raglan shaping and the 3!!! knots in this 2nd ball, (this is what the Wishful Knitter is trying to convince me of) but I am doubtful.
Not that this will stop me, or that I'm going to buy more, frog & re-knit. Amanda will not even know the difference. If there is an issue with colour (in)consistency, you know that I will be in touch with Moda Dea. I will have comparison pictures by tomorrow and if I'm in doubt I know that I can ask for 1 or 2 second opinions .

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  1. Hey, in my humble opinion, the brighter the socks, the better! [g] Gotta love the bright yellow.

    I can't stand knots. One I can tolerate. Two knots, I get irritated and if I get three or more, I'm ready to toss the yarn into the garbage. LOL