Thursday, November 3, 2005

La Même Chose

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with
Rowan. With very little exception, Rowan. Their quality is consistently high, they have great colours (and colour names), weights (though I think that they should really get a sock yarn going) and yarn varieties without going too crazy. The pattern support is also excellent - especially for yarns that do well.
I am also becoming a very avid Noro fan - inspite of the debris and knots.

Your favourite needles?
Susan Bates aluminum straights.
Addi Turbos or SRK Bamboo for circular.

The worse thing you've ever knit.
The ugliest garment was an intarsia sweater with a picture of a rooster!! on the front ... for a very large man. shudder
The most horrible fibre that I had to knit with was jute for a messenger bag. That and artificial sinew that I knit into arms & legs (it was art).

Your most favourite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it but it was the most fun to knit)
Whatever I'm working on at the moment - really, I love them all. Okay, except for the Rooster Sweater. quick shot of Appletons to ward off the shudders

Most valuable knitting technique?
Quality finishing & knitting with a view to finishing. A lot of these techniques were learned in workshops at knitting shows & guild meetings. The most memorable was Borders & Buttonholes with Sally Melville. Everytime that I do a neckline I think of Sally.

Best knitting book or magazine?
Interweave knits. And VK for au courant style.
Knitters Handy Book of Patterns.

Your favourite knit-along?
Whatever one I'm doing at the moment. I just finished River & am starting my Tumbling Blocks cushion for the Kaffe KAL.

Favourite knitblogs?
The ones in my sidebar are my tried-and-true favourites. I do have others that I visit and when I find myself going there regularly and wanting to recommend them to my friends then I add them to my list.

Favourite knitwear designer?
DKNY used to do great sweaters for VK - I miss her. Vladimir Teriokhin, Martin Storey, Fiona Ellis (especially her cable work) are at the top of my list today.

The knit item that you wear the most. (how 'bout a picture of it?)
Hands down my Rowan denim sweater. I love it.

Just so that I'm not a party-pooper, I'm going to tag Michelle & Renee. I don't think that they've had a chance at being "it" yet! I look forward to your answers ladies!!


  1. Thanks for filling this out. After I posted my answers I thought about my favourite sweater. I should have put in my denim sweater that you knit for me. It has travelled the world and I still love it.

  2. I can see why you love your Rowan denim sweater. It's gorgeous!