Sunday, November 13, 2005

Local Honours

Thanks to Lynne on the KnittinginCanada list Amanda & I went to Micheals today. Each store had a viariety of demonstrations, crafts for kids and a Fastest Knitter & Crocheter contest. So at 2:00PM I sat with 6 other ladies and knit for 3 minutes. I know that it was a generous 3 minutes because of how many stitches I knit. It didn't really matter as we all knit for the same length of time. I won a little basket of yarn with a couple of needles and a needle gauge. Then for a lark I did the crocheting one. I was really surprised that I won! Brianna was such a nice girl, chatting with Mary while they crocheted that I passed the basket along to her - she was a speedy thing too. Amanda had been making little yarn creatures while all of this was going on and was so giggly that she couldn't keep the camera steady - but you can see how happy Brianna was. While she doesn't knit, she is quite a crocheter!
And that is Joan from Micheals in both pictures - she is the resident knitting expert and was nice enough to change the Sit 'n Knit time on Wednesday to 9:30AM to facilitate a number of us getting together there again! Mary is going to pick up SheriLynn - I think that if this afternoon was any indication we will have a great time!


  1. Hi Wannietta,
    I did a close up of the photo of you, Lynne & Brianna. I love that necklace you are wearing. Is that one of your creations?

  2. Congrats! Did you only make it to one Michael's store? *lol* ;)

  3. Congratulations. You are one talented woman (I would say knitter but it appears you are a crochet wizard as well). I posted pics of my paradoxical mittens for you today.