Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Weather Outside is Frightful

... and a day off is so delightful.
Let it snow!! Yeah baby - let it snow!!

Buses are cancelled in Simcoe County - Happy Dance -
(not to rub it in or anything Jocelyn!!). Amanda is still waiting to hear if her school is closed, but she is not idling away the early hours. Look at what my little Cutie is doing! I didn't even have to shove her out the door and lock it - she couldn't wait to get with at the snow with a shovel. Only the fact that it is not packing snow had her down a little bit (no snowmen), but she seems to be recovering nicely.
It doesn't seem like much snow, but there are some vicious gusts of wind that come out of nowhere and more snow is forecasted. The roads are very slippery as it warmed up a bit yesterday afternoon then froze up quickly overnight.

I have not been making a lot of knitting progress. My excuses are as follows:
1. Administrative duties.
- accident follow-up (vehicle has been rendered a total loss)
- mid-term report follow-up (at home monitoring & rallying the troops at his school)
2. Travel assistant
- Kerwyn is off to China for 2 weeks and while he is very self-sufficient, with everything else that he is managing, there are some details that require my attention
3. Marital obligations
- 2 weeks is a long time ... 'nuff said.

So I can certainly put to good use the 4-5 hours that not having to go out and circle-check, drive, come home, go out again, circle-check, wait at the school and drive the bus some more will give me.
Don't get me wrong - I love the driving part, I'd just rather be at home, warm & knitting. And it's doing it in the cold that I really hate - actually, I really don't like very much about winter. Except the snow days. hee hee
Knitting pictures tomorrow - I promise!


  1. I feel the same way about snow as you do -- Ick. In my ever so humble opinion the only good thing snow is for is covering up the dog poop in the back yard that I couldn't get picked up last week and a bit because it froze to the ground. *lol*

  2. You have to get a new car! Yeh! I love new cars. What about my favourite car right now, the Volvo S80. I think you, sorry, I mean, Kerwyn, would look so cool in that car. :-)

  3. Blech, it's snowing and cold here too.
    My one consolation is that I'm a stay at home mom and I don't have to walk through this sludge going to work. I remember those days all too well.

  4. Tell Kerwyn that I will go car shoppin g with him. You never know what you might end up with!!!

  5. I came across your blog today and I have to tell you that I enjoyed my visit. I will be back again.

  6. Kerwyn has flat-out nixed the Volvo and we're pretty sure that it's going to be something commuter-friendly (small & cheap so we don't mind putting crazy kilometerage - is that a word? - on it) so I'm sure that you wouldn't have any fun at all shopping with him for that Julie!

  7. Jocelynn1:48 PM

    No offense taken. We had a total of 2" worth of chaos. Most of the morning I spent on the phone saying "No, the busses are running today.", and "Are you kidding me. You don't want to drive in this? What are you gonna do when we get more than a cm of snow? For goodness sakes people have some pride and look at the chance you get to utilize your professional driving skills. You're Canadian for Pete's sake, enjoy it and have some self respect." To which came the replies, "Let's see if you can drive in this." These new people, I did drive quite a bit before I became a dispatcher. I also had the pleasure of going out that morning to drive up the escarpment. Sure, I did it mostly sideways, but I did it and it was actually kind of fun. Yes I am a twisted crueller. Ada, what's you're next favorite car? Maybe he'd like the BMW 325? That's a bit economical.

  8. Small & cheap!? Hmmm.... I give up.