Monday, November 21, 2005


After wasting investing several hours of my life that I'm not getting back & several levels of feeling quite stupid, I beat the bloody game!!
HA!! I am nothing if not persistent.
Samantha had no idea when she posted this link what an addictive personality I have and that it doesn't take much of a challenge to get me started. And I love games like that. It was fun though - an excellent mental workout! Fair warning to the rest of you - there are 22 levels.

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  1. Wasn't it great?!? Level 17 (password hotwater) stumped me, but I got it ... I think I accidently got it, but I got it nonetheless!! I tried, for fun, doing level 17 again today and i can't get it, so I know it was an accident the first time! *lol*

    I guess I'm an enabler of sorts too, eh?

    How's the wrap coming along? Was the yarn the same dyelot as the first half? I love that wrap!