Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday Survey

Of the Drivers polled, 50% purchase "value" batteries or "whatever is on sale". When queried further, they stated that they believed that these batteries performed as well as national brands. Energizer came in 2nd with 31%.

When the pumpkins grow legs & cute smiles and start walking there can be no doubt that we are deep into Fall. (Taylor 1)

And while there have been rumours about the cast of the 3rd Spiderman movie, I have your exclusive 1st look at the young man who plays Spiderman Jr. (Daniel) He revealed his identity to me because of a deep trust that I am passing along to all of you. This information is just between you & me - don't make his daddy have to come & find you!

Then at Bear Creek S.S. I let Chad take a picture of me taking a picture of him for his media arts class. Or was I taking a
picture of him taking a picture of me? Hmmmm.

No new knitting projects have been started - I have blocked 8 more squares for the Noro Afghan, knitting away on the very long rows of the Wrap Jacket and plugging away at the Sunshine socks.
Yesterday turned into Errand Day and then last night I went to the going away party for John the Excellent Mechanic. I haven't know him for very long but I am going to miss him a lot. Conscientious, hard working and super nice only begin to give you an idea of what a great guy John is. Maybe if I just say Scottish it will sum it all up. Gonna miss you John!!
With an extra hour this weekend significant and documentable progress should be made.


  1. Thats the same pumpkin costume my son, Owen, has. :) He's so very excited about being a pumpkin. :)

  2. Wannietta--Thanks for visiting my blog and the compliments on the socks! You're so right about the tough decision being what color to make next!!! I cast-on a plain light gray while at the medical ctr with my mom this morning. More to keep my hands and mind busy than anything else. Come by anytime!

  3. must be so fun to see those little munchkins everyday...esp. on days like halloween...