Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Irritated by Skin Zinc

I swear, if I have to listen to their ad on the radio where they list the problems this spray can solve and they specify "sensitive genital areas" I will break out in a spontaneous allergic rash!!! I believe that the phrase "genital areas" implies "sensitive" without having to spell it out. Really, does anyone out there have a genital area that is not sensitive?

Deep cleansing breath.

All of the snow that we had on the ground is gone. Melted into muddy ground & swelling rivers. Then it's coming back. I just hope it stays because I'm getting fed up of having to keep spring jackets out to wear every other day. This mother is not very happy with Mother Nature right now.

Deep cleansing breath.

Kyle has a homework tr
acker ... that he didn't fill in today.

Big calming drink (those deep breaths are starting to make me feel light-headed).

I have also been looking around and pricing out water softeners. The water in Angus is very hard and having to use twice as much detergent to wash clothes, the drying effect on our skin & the residue on every wetted surface has made it apparent that there is a problem that requires a solution. Kerwyn - don't worry, I won't commit to anything until you get back.

Having-to-deal-with-salesmen nerve-settling stiff drink.

I have sewn together some of the afghan squares - it looks great! As soon as the finished afghan & pattern are ready you all will be the first to know.

Celebration swig!

I also knit some inches on my Tumbling Blocks cushion cover. I get so into it - measuring out the yarn needed for each section is a fabulous invention - and it is so exciting to be able to start a new colour section. I might just have to do a full-sized Kaffe-esque project.

Celebration swig!

Thanks for the great comments - I love every single encouraging word. I live to spread the Gospel of the Yarn and when peole come and read about my stuff and like it, well!! It's a bit silly, but I also love getting mail & answering the phone.

Hmmm. The glass is empty. I will go get another round and then we can settle into our knitting for the night. What's your poison?


  1. Yes, "genital areas" does say "sensitive" all on it's own. You know, unless maybe there are people out there who have leather non-senstive genital areas. I mean, really, who knows for sure? *lol*

    Nakiska is such a cute and quick knit ... I'm sure you can whip one up without putting anything on hold too. I think, so far, I've invested maybe an hour and a half into it, and you knit faster than I do. In 6 rows I'll be finished ... Be proud WanniEtta ... I have not used a cable needle even once for Nakiska. Tada!! :)

    I love your Noro afghan. LOVE IT. And the Tumbling Blocks cushion looks like I could grab a block right off the screen.

    Happy knitting!! :)

  2. Jocelynn8:00 PM

    My poison is not very original, just plain old rum and Coke. Not Pepsi because that makes me sketchy. Actually, I really enjoy Mount-Gay Rum. It's smooth and they make a 60! The only problem is keeping the cats away from my drink. They're rather found of rum and coke as well. Some things should just remain private. Like personal areas and workings. I'm much too shy for those commercials.