Friday, November 11, 2005

It's a Wrap!

Well ½ of a Wrap anyway. Another modification that I have decided to add is to make 2 identical halves and graft them together rather than do decreases to mirror the increases - it never quite looks the same. So the center back is on top, the collar edge is to the left and the sleeve - the sleeve should be obvious. I am very pleased with how this project is knitting out and am excited about finishing the other half. The close-up is a bit pinkish but shows the lovely reversible stitch.

Amanda's Sassy Stripes sweater is just in need of a collar! She really likes it and I'm sure that she'll be surprised to see it in the morning.
Although Kyle hasn't come out and said the actual words, I know that he is feeling a bit left out in the cold (literally ... but he is so picky and only likes dark & plain) so the next personal project is going to be for him. I bought some Blue Sky Cotton from Lettuce Knit back in the summer with Kyle in mind, so I will
jab myself with the needles and repeat "just one more stitch" 25,000 times be happy to cast on the plainest sweater that will be baggy enough to be cool in "Ink" so that no one at school will think that his mom knit it for him. He doesn't read my blog, but just in case he does and doesn't understand the above paragraph: Kyle --- I love you!!! I'm quite sure that there are no documented cases of a teenager dying of embarrassment, but I'm all about pushing the envelope. hee hee

Here is a cute little picture of my Winter Pansies in the first snowfall of the year
in Angus. The forecast is for the weekend to be +12-15°C!! Crazy days.

I am off to see Julie at the store tomorrow so that I can show here the Wrap-in-progress and get some feedback about the changes and to pick up some more Noro for my Afghan. I am also going to see some friends so there should be some great pictures to share.

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