Friday, October 21, 2005

Project updates & Friday Survey

I received the ball of Red Polar in the mail today - thanks Lisa!! - so I can finish off the L.B. Evans Pansy Swing Sak.

River has just the end pattern repeat and
then she is finished.

I blocked out the Noro Mitered Squares for an afghan that is in the works. I will have the pattern set to go soon and will let you all know as soon as it is up.

I started on the Wrap Jacket from the
December '05 Knit 'N Style for Julie. Then there is this picture of it - apparently the original one. The magazine photo is on the model upside down - notice the seam on the top of the sleeve? (OOPS) But we like this one better so ... sleeves in the round and wide at the bottom so that there is no seam or shaping required and no sleeve cap so also no armhole shaping in the body. This will make the jacket not only reversible (inside & out) but flippable (upside & down).
Note to self: Do not wear black pants while knitting this yarn. Angora is what we love about the yarn, but it shows.

Here is a picture of the Knotted Openwork Scarf in KidSilk Haze. It uses 1 ball and 5.5mm (#9) needles and measures approx 19cm x 172cm (7.5" x 67.5").

And a new feature will be the Friday Survey.
80% of School Bus Drivers polled cited Tim Horton's as their preferred coffee house.

This is all very abbreviated as we are having a family movie night as soon as Kerwyn gets home (any minute now ...). Tonight's feature is Batman Begins. Kerwyn and Kyle saw it in the theatre but they loved it so much that we bought the DVD. Whatever is playing, I will find a way to knit to it! lol

I will be having a contest for one of the kits that I won as Fastest Knitter. It is a bulky denim blue jacket from Mary Maxim. All of the other yarn prizes have found a niche in the stash or have been taken in by loving new owners (knit it Ada, just knit it) ... I just need to decide on a theme - stay tuned for details.


  1. Wannietta, watching you win the fastest knitter in North America last weekend was so exciting. I'm so proud of you!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your prizes with me. A project is under way.

  2. I love that scarf, and tried to open the link for it but can't get the link to work. *sigh*

    Happy Knitting!

  3. Wannietta
    The afghan squares look great.

  4. Your afghan squares are quite lovely!

  5. I'm loving those Noro squares.