Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Freakin' Great Day!!!

I had an awesome day yesterday!! Still feeling coldish but my sister came by and we knit for a bit until the Simone came by to flush out the PICC line. Then the adventure began.

I needed to go get my license sticker - like most Canadians I leave it until the day before my birthday to
get so no matter how much I wanted to stay home there was no choice.
Waiting in line for a half hour only to find
out that this office only did testing & that I'd have to go up to the north end of Barrie had me irritated, but there was nothing for it. I took a minute before we headed up (really, it's only like 15 mins but still ... I had a whole mission planned out) to call Rogers to see if the iPhone shipment had come in. I need hard-core want a new phone; mine is 3+ years old and a serious dinosaur. Since I love my iPod Touch so much and I really hate learning a new phone an iPhone only makes sense but they are seriously hard to come by. Yes ... but theirs were all gone but Bayfield had received 18. OMG!!! I had Daphne call them while I put Justin into overdrive. We got there & there were about 9 people in line ahead of us ... Daphne kept pointing out that they may not all be there for the iPhone. I wasn't going to be reassured by anything but the weight of an iPhone in my hand. I got it!!! I was so excited ... by the time I paid for the phone & bluetooth Daphne decided that opportunity was knocking real loud and she scored one too! I was so seriously giddy with excitement (I don't understand why no one else who got one wasn't as excited ... they don't deserve the phone!!!) and Daphne too that Alex said that we totally made his day.
While Daphne got hooked up with her phone I went up the street to get the license sticker - the correct office was just up the road ... fate or what?!

From there it was on to Costco. About a year ago Miche had a display there and it just was not a good time for splurging but I wasn't able to get the bag(s) out of my head. Can you believe it ... they were there!!! I couldn't resist $99.99 for the bag + 4 shells and the short & long straps. I added in the Chanel straps because

I lo
ve them!!

Now I can try to keep my "purse" things in my small purse and carry around just one sizable knitting bag. It's all about the illusion of normalcy. And all I need to do to change purses is switch shells ... no messing with contents at all - SCORE!!!

Then when we finally got home & I sorted out the grocery (yes, I bought food at Costco too ;-) ) Joy came by. She was doing a Silpada party at Shelly's but I bailed on it to put my feet up and try to get to bed early, but I still wanted a couple of rings so Joy came by so that I could pick my sizes & place the order. I'm not really a big jewelery kinda gal and wearing it around home is like t
hrowing pearls before swine, but I'm going to start making an effort ... Shelly is a good influence. So these are what I picked.

All of my good luck & splurges landed on one day ... but that feeling will last me for weeks & months!!!

Today I am trying to kill off a migraine; I took meds for it last night, this morning at 4:30 & Kerwyn went to pick me up more at 11. I don't know if the chemo drugs are interfering but I'm getting nothing from my miracle drug.

Between setting up my iPhone and the migraine knitting has been effectively sabotaged but I'll be back on track later today with any luck. I hope that all of my friends up at Julie's Camp are having a great time!!!


  1. Are your ears pierced? Before she closes her Silpada order, check out some dangling earrings, like chandeliers. They make a HUGE difference in your appearance and emotional wellbeing when you have no hair and the glitzier the better. I'm not a girlygirl and my earrings were always oh so classicly understated but then I lost my hair. And now I can't get enough of dangling earrings. Even with my new finally growing back hair.

  2. As always you have excellent advice!! It's hard to tell how big/long they are without really seeing them, but I did consider that. I do have 2-3 pairs of large-ish earrings and will probably hit up a couple of accessory stores at the mall next time I'm there.

    My friend Shelly wasn't convinced on the theory until I wore some last time we were out. She's on board now!!

  3. Wow - what a splurge day - good for you!

    I've been resisting an iphone -- but they are so amazingly cool - even for serious conservative me LOL!!!

  4. joolz3:24 PM

    I've had my Iphone for 18 months and still love it. You won't regret the splurge!

  5. Hoorah! And after a couple of moderately crappy days, the sweet ones ae just twice as nice! What luscious treats! Do you get your nails done? With those gorgeous rings, it seems a logical sort of thing to do.

    I stan in awe of your I-phone!

  6. I have a Miche; I also have two of your four shells! Freaky!
    I have also, just upgraded to the BIG BAG from Miche.
    I'm still happy with last year's model of the iphone.
    Happy Birthday.
    You Go Girl!!

  7. Go for it Anne - I know I'm a gadget person but the iPhone is truly practical; especially if you're on the go a lot.
    I will probably wait until chemo is over until I get the acrylic done again but I do my own polish now. When everyone is looking at my hands all the time they need to look good! ;-)
    Creativehands - I saw the Big Bag - I really, really want one with maybe a Delilah, Grace or Hope shell. I waited so long for the small bag so I'm sure that they will keep me content until the urge becomes overwhelming! ;-)