Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 1

Straight up - thank you for all of your support, especially for the insights & wisdom of those that have gone before me & survived. I'm mostly positive, upbeat and sometimes flip about the cancer & treatment - it's just my way. Yeah, you know me!!! But I think that y'all would worry a lot more if I didn't have self-pitying lows. I'm not dropping into a depression, just (I think) acceptable sadnesses.

Anyway, yesterday was Day 1. There are 3 drugs that I'm on for the first 3 treatments, then 1 drug for the final 3 - I'm on a FECD regimen. The nurse does a manual push for the Fluorouracil & Epirubicin & I could totally feel & taste it. Blech!!! I drank 2L of water - they were quite adamant about water intake for the day before, day of & day after treatment & I'm mostly compliant about things like that. It went well - I couldn't knit for the manual push, about 1/2 of the time we were there so I read knitting mags. Once she hung the bag for the Cyclophosphamide I was good to go.

I had some chest pressure - like extra gravity - that I mentioned to Jean. She thought that it might be the amount of fluids that were being put in - there is saline solution going in as well to dilute the drugs, but they'd keep an eye on it. When it was all done she was on lunch & the pressure was still there so I asked Tammy about it. She spoke to the Dr. & gave me some Maalox because the drugs can cause some swelling in the esophagus that may cause pressure & he ordered another ECG (my baseline one last week was perfect!). I didn't even have to go to imaging, the tech came to the chemo clinic - Score!! It came back perfect too. Sigh. Tammy asked if I was feeling anxious, even though I looked quite mellow. I said that I wasn't especially but they gave me an Ativan which after a half hour had me put down my knitting & close my eyes - not go to sleep but just too freakin' mellow to keep my eyes open. After an hour of that the Dr. allowed as how I could go home since it wasn't getting worse. It's gone today so maybe I'm just special & sensitive enough to have an aberrant side effect! The nurse is coming tomorrow to give me the Neulasta to help boost my white blood cell count & help ward off infection. I'm hoping to be in the 69% that does not get joint pain. I'm really not good with chronic pain. Like anyone is, but I'm just especially not.

I have some leftover curry & my fave Green Giant Essentials veg and then totally crashed out around 3pm. I got up to pee & re-water (I totally lost track of how much I drank - probably a good sign) and didn't regain real consciousness until 7 this morning. I know - I wished for it ;-)
Someone mentioned that they felt like they had the flu after treatment - that's kind of how I feel now. A bit dizzyish & light headed, not nauseous exactly just not hungry. I feel cold but feverish though I'm not. They said to take my temperature twice a day - I've done it 6 times already!!! I'm drinking my water, I'll get something to eat shortly.

All-in-all I'm okay - one day at a time, family & friends at the ready, yarn in hand I'll get through this. Speaking of which I should get to some knitting - new socks for Elise. There is nothing more thrilling than a new project expect for maybe finishing it!!


  1. Soup. Gotta keep your energy up! And we're heading into soup season, so indulge!

  2. know that we are right there with you as well.

  3. Thank you so much for your courage and generosity in sharing this journey with us. If you feel unexplained drafts, it's just the angel wings hovering around you.

  4. This is a remarkable chronicle you are creating. And you're remarkable too!