Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Good

The new/last colour on my Creatively Dyed Sweet Spot strip reminds me of an Amish quilt - dark but with bold/sedate (I know...) colours.

Sleeplessness = progress. China Clouds & I are back at it like reunited lovers. She is lapping up the attention!!

UPS brought me a box today and I was running around, took Kyle to work then went out to a movie and it rode with me but I didn't want to open it in the truck. Side story - I had always had this notion that going to a movie by myself would be pitiful & lonel
y. I don't know why ... who knows from notions?!? But today I just had the urge to be out by myself - I had plans for a nice dinner but that changed & I ended up with McD's so that I could see Inception. It was oddly empowering & freeing to go by myself!!! I loved it and I can totally see myself doing it more. It was from Roxie and right after Amanda pounced on me to see her new Blackberry - cheapest & most Mb efficient Smartphone - I opened the box. OMG - it's a beautiful quilt!!! It's huge but Kerwyn is already in bed & I didn't want him to wake up to a camera flash. I love the florals and I can feel the weight of the care/caring in the weight of it. My Granny was a quilter and when we were little we were allowed to thread needles for her quilting circle and only when they did "tie" quilts were we allowed to really help by tying knots in the yarns. Thank you Roxie - it's a treasure in so many ways.

I am still feeling pretty good - mouth sores have started. FFS!!! I'm rinsing with non-alcohol mouthwash (though I really think that a nice rinse of Ginger & Rye couldn't hurt ;-)) and they are just more annoying than anything.
My head has been itchy - I think that I can feel hair cells dying. I know ... I'm going to try not using gel though - maybe I'm just more sensitive to the product.
I feel a bit like I'm coming down with something. I had a cold the weekend before treatment - I thought that it was just bad allergies but once I felt better I realized it was a cold - but it had gone away. I hate being so hyper-paranoid but apparently it's vigilance now. I called the nurse and she said I was right to jump on it - I'm going to see if I can get into my family Dr. tomorrow for a consult, throat swab & maybe some antibiotics.
Gilda said it best, "It's always something".


  1. That quilt is gorgeous. I used to go to the cinema alone a lot in the summer between High School and University and always rather enjoyed it. I hope you liked Inception, I thought it was a fabulous film.

  2. So glad the quilt got there alright. Remember, it's not an heirloom. It's a drag-around. I got the fabrics at estate sales and stuffed it full of hugs for you. It has extra-thick loft batting, so it should cuddle you nice and warm.

    I love going to movies alone. I can enjoy the chick-flicks that bore my dear husband, and it feels like stolen time or playing hookey. You naughty girl, you!

    This is the time to let your inner hypochondriac out for a good run. Be vigilant over your health. Tell that tough old marine in your subconscious to go take a hike. Right now, you are entitled to be as whiney and sissy as you feel like being.

    Love to you. Strength and love.

  3. Love quilts. Roxie's is fabulous. Love going to the movies by myself -- don't have to share the popcorn!

    Just don't scratch, aight? Give yourself a nice skull massage though...