Friday, September 10, 2010

Hair Today

So, knowing that my hair is going to fall out (yes, there is a minute chance that it won't but I've been realistic to this point, no reason to stick my head in the sand now) I need to think forward. My brain is grasping this nicely and I've got a lovely Shedir and will make a couple more and Joan has said that she is going to be all over Annabelle's Caps.
Other women who have gone through this have suggested that it might be easier (physically & emotionally) to have my hair cut shorter before it starts falling out from the chemo. It doesn't just fall out & leave you with a lovely clean scalp - it's patchy & uneven and unattractive, certainly not improved by having long hair. I've been labouring with that for a couple of days & I've made an appt to get it cut on Tuesday. I'm going to ask a friend to come with me because this is sort of a pre-goodbye to my hair (to which I have become quite accustomed, even when I'm complaining about it). It's been hard to decide to go forward with this - it's not like when I just get my hair cut because I want to - and while I've decided that this is a good decision it's probably going to make me cry & I don't want the poor hairdresser to take it all personal & then have to comfort me.
Then maybe we'll go look at wigs - shopping makes me happy!! And then between hats & wigs I should be set for hair loss, well at least be half-way prepared for it.

I wish that I could stop having to decide things though. Seriously - I've made a lot of big decisions and I'm starting to lose the ability to cope well with having to make any small decisions. I think that it's worse because even though I think that my head is wrapped around treatment & side effects I don't know as how on board my subconscious is with it all. When I can actually get to sleep I sleep lightly and not well, The Allergies (when Kyle was little he called our ragweed allergies "The Allergies" like a proper name & it's stuck) certainly aren't helping but I don't feel like they are entirely to blame. I don't know how to resolve this so I'm just trying to do all of the "good sleep" things that I can and take it as it comes. Although I will feel masses better when I'm not all nasally and tired from The Allergies! LOL

Okay - end of the whining.

The Beverly Cardigan is done - Score!!!
From What's Wannietta Knitting Today?
I'm working on the Ginormous Cowl - I know it doesn't look like much right now but it'll totally be done on time too.
From What's Wannietta Knitting Today?
See you at the Fair!!


  1. Blessings on you, Dear Heart! It's just hair, and it will grow back. Stay warm, and make sure to get your minimum daily requirement of hugs.

  2. Your continuing positive attitude is the key, I think - and as Roxie points out, it'll grow back...

    Thinking of you... and thank you for thinking of me

  3. Go you! I completely flaked and forgot about the fair this weekend. Hope you had a good time and found lots f stash enhancement!

  4. You are beautiful--with hair, without hair, with funny random clumps, and no matter what you pour into that picc...

    BTW, you are NOT whining. If this is you whining, whine on, I say! There are lots of people who are happy to listen :-)


  5. I had long hair all of my life. I loved being bald. It's so easy and no more bed head or hat hair or helmet hair! Just be sure to wear chandelier earrings!

    Sleep disturbances could be your chemo premeds. If you're taking any steroid then that's to blame.

    Hair falls out 14 days after your first treatment usually. DON'T shave your head when it starts because it's harder to deal with tiny short hairs falling out than longer hairs.

    You'll need a very soft hat for sleeping. If you know anyone who sews, then a hat from tshirt material is wonderful.

    God Bless!

  6. I read your earlier post about having trouble shutting off your brain to sleep. I'm like that too, and I rely on the herb Valerian root to help me shut down. It doesn't put you to sleep, but significantly calms the brain.
    Also, have you tried a Neti Pot for allergies? You shouldn't do it right before bed, but about an hour or two before bed. I don't have allergies (use it for sinus infections), but know people who swear by it for their allergies.