Thursday, September 2, 2010

After the Hearts

I went down to Creative Yarns last Saturday and met up with Joan. Joan, Christina, Mairi & Wendy knit up some hearts to help me on my mission. Joan kind of Tom Sawyered the rest of them into it but they were keen after they realized how easy it was! By Sunday evening I had an odd 155 hearts - I dropped them off on Monday to a grateful Susan. Yes, I forgot to take a picture. Sigh.

They were an interesting & worthwhile diversion but it's back to the less philanthropic deadlines.

I love the new colour ... but then again I always like a new colour!!

I drove down into Kleinburg today to pick up some magazines from Carol. Again, forgot my camera. I totally need an iPhone so that I can share more moments!! Wow - a whack of classic VK's & Knitters magazines!!
I was inspired and went straight downstairs and sorted through my doubles along with extra needles that I have acquired over time. Gilda's House is off to a great start on their knitting library!!


  1. Good on you! 155 hearts is awesome. And the regular knitting looks to be interesting as well. You so totally rock - even without an i-phone!

  2. Thanks Rox I hope someone takes pictures of the ladies with their hearts!!
    I'm a gadget-phile and a magpie so I'm trying to exercise some restraint & biding my time for the iPhone. LOL!!

  3. Well, I am honoured to be mentioned on the blog, and again, am very happy that the magazines will have such good use. I followed your suggestion for the neck of the camisole, and it's much better now. Thanks for the idea.