Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's been an up & down couple of days. Monday - bad. Day 6 and my stomach had no idea which way was up, whether it wanted food, drink or nothing, whether it wanted to keep sustenance in or get rid of it in the most expedient manner possible. I was trying to put out symptoms left, right & center and head them off at the pass. Any pass, I wasn't being picky!
My eyes are feeling different - I think that my vision is changing but the nurse suggested not going out & getting new glasses because they could keep changing & even change back! It's not really bad but just noticeable enough to me to be annoying to drive & sometimes watch TV.
The bone pain from the Neulasta is not bad ... knock on wood ... a deep twingy feeling, almost ghostly in it's passing making
me wonder if I actually felt something. Oh yeah, there it is ... I feel it. It's not horrible, I just hope that all of these symptoms aren't cumulative and increase exponentially with each treatment.

Yesterday was better than Monday (Merciful Lord!!!) and today, while I slept little & unwell, today is feeling like it has potential. Shelly rearranged her day to give me a lift up to Gilda's for a support meeting. I can drive but I just feel a bit spacy so until I get a bit more used to it I don't think I feel good about driving more than to the store in town, if that.

The garter thing - being reworked.

Lina - done!! I like it - the fit is good with the pattern as written.
I know ... bit of a passport pic but that's what happens when I'm left to my own devices!!

I'm into my last colour on the Creatively Dyed Sweet Spot strip - I really love Dianne's colourways!!

I sewed in all of the ends on the LF of China Clouds and attached the bands - looking good!

I picked up the RF to get busy on ... do you see that?!? All of those purl blips?!? OMG - I was happily knitting away on the wrong side of the band!!! Sigh. Situation under control - ripped out, re-started.


  1. A friend who went through chemo a decade ago said that there are anti nausea drugs available but you have to ask for them. I don't know if that's still true or if it was ever true in Canada. Your medics seem more humane than ours do somehow.

    The hat is adorable!

  2. I have 3 anti-nauseates that I take the day of & day following chemo and an Rx for another one that I can take as needed but it doesn't seems as efficacious as it could be. I might just go old-school and try Gravol next time.

  3. Take your RX BEFORE you need it. Once nausea starts, it's hard to knock down. Does Canada have the Sancuso patch? BEST thing ever. Lasts 5 days.

    Also, re your eyes. Chemo dries up everything; your skin, your kidneys, your eyes, etc. Ask if you can use liquid tears. I have an OTC gel that works miracles.

    Also remember that ginger is a natural and safe anti-emetic. Canada Dry Ginger Ale has real ginger in it (Seagrams in the US doesn't). Candies with natural ginger or peppermint are also good to have on hand.

    This too shall pass. When all else fails, go to bed.

  4. You are right Holly - I was probably more reactive than proactive with the extra anti-nauseate. Canada Dry is my go-to ginger ale -- remember the advertising campaign "Champagne of Ginger Ales"? The nurses did recommend hard candies ... I had forgotten about that, I'll stock up on something before the next round!

    Going to bed is definitely getting easier ... I hate laying there awake & doing nothing but it's getting easier ...

  5. sue pigott4:17 PM

    i came by your blog via Needle Emporium.
    when i felt nauseous while pregnant (obviously nothing like what you are championing now..) i loved ginger ale, miss vicki's salt and vinegar chips and olives.

    ive heard of your name for years in the knitting world. and cant believe its taken me this long to discover you have a blog.

    you are a champion, i wish you well in your quest and fight!

    Sue P