Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Less Hair Today

Shelly was an excellent hair buddy - I had a few moments but she kept up a steady stream of chatter and along with my aversion to public crying I made it through. I don't hate it but I still haven't mustered up a lot of enthusiasm for it. I know, I've been told that it looks good & I'm sure that I'll like it more in a few days.

And this is Amanda in her new Bench jacket.
Last week Amanda insisted that it wasn't cold when she left for school & she certainly couldn't wear her one sweatshirt 2 days in a row. Seriously, what would people think? Since I can't have her getting sick right now & risk infecting me I caved and went to buy her a jacket that she would be willing to wear every day. It's not very thick downright thin, but it's a layer, should be a good windbreak and I insisted on a size large enough that she can actually wear layers under it so it will do.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow but I will be glad to be started and get to knowing what's going to happen & how I'll feel. The hardest part for me is not being able to plan anything & having to ad a caveat of "if I'm up to it". Shelly assured me that anyone worthy of being called a friend would understand and she'd give proper shit to anyone who had nerve to not!! Yup, she's a keeper my Shelly!!! MWAH!!!


  1. Foxy lady! Geeze, I wish I lived closer. I'd go to your hairdresser.

    And the bench jacket is delightful. Ah, youth. Can't wear the same sweatshirt two days in a row! Ask her if she can tell you what four of her friends wore today. The point being, that people really don't pay that much attention to what other people are wearing. If you don't know what they were wearing, it's likely that they don't know what you wore.

    Not that logic and rationality ever counts with teens.

    Hugs, dear! Tender, loving hugs!

  2. Love the hair!! Good luck today.

  3. Wherever you're at...it's o.k.
    Whatever you're feeling...it's o.k.
    Having trouble making decisions? Most can wait a day, a week or more...it's o.k.; it takes whatever it takes.
    Don't apologize, this is YOUR TIME!! LOOK AFTER YOU!!
    When everything feels likes it's piling up on you...get naked, climb in the bathtub and pile some yarn on you! There, made you smile didn't I?
    Sorry I missed you at the fair...I was everywhere you were...some mohair from Clever Cat Knits fell into my bag along with the Kimono pattern...
    I'm always surprised at how much yarn comes home with me. I don't know why I'm surprised, I just am. There's another lesson to be learned from this ordeal of ours. We don't always know why things happen; just that they do and our job is to show up and do our best, whether that's following doctors orders for a few days (and really the worst of it lasts only a few days) or going to a Knitter's Fair to support all the wonderful kniterly people that depend on us!
    Today is half over and then there will be another day; it's always like that.
    Take care and yes, love the hair!

  4. It's the jumping off the cliff and not knowing how you'll land that's frightening. It's thinking you're not ready, that everything you've ever done in your life won't be enough to save you.

    We've got ya, babe.

    And nice haircut!