Sunday, September 26, 2010

Watching TAR17 with Wannietta - part le 1

It's that time again!!
That's right Brook & Claire (Hostesses) - TAR is all about the communication.
Give it at least a few legs Chad to see if you're still in love with Stephanie.
Sporty Spices (Katie & Rachel) ... I'll give them odds.
The Tenors (Connor & Jonathan) are going to get on my nerves.
The Doctors (Nat & Kat) - too book smart I think.
Father & Son team Michael & Kevin - is this just to boost their online readership?
I like Nick & Vicki - go freaks & don't let the dating get in the way!!
Ron & Tony ... outside odds.
Jill & Thomas - I sense fireworks.
Gary & Mallory. Hmmm - first out?
Andie & Jenna - I hope that TAR doesn't ruin the whole "getting to know each other" thing for them.
The first team to check in at the end of this leg receives an Express Pass like a Fast Forward ticket. Totally worth competing for!!
BTW - there is only room for 3 teams on the 1st flight to their destination and is scheduled to arrive 30 mins ahead of the 2nd flight. Yeah, but we all know about how flights can get messed up!!
They're on their way to London England.

The Smart cars are adorable!
The Tenors are off to a rough start, but at least they seem happy.
Ron & Tony are at the airport followed closely by Chad & Stephanie. Jill & Thomas are hot on their heels along with Sporty Spices.
Gary & Mallory and the Hostesses are thrilled that The Doctors have missed their shuttle.
1st Flight - Ron & Tony, Jill & Thomas, Chad & Stephanie

Henceforth The Tenors will be knows as Team Glee.
Tony is not fat he's healthy.
Everyone is making happy with each other. That's okay there's lots of time for their true colours to start showing.
Thomas gets into the wrong side of the car to drive - I'm sure that he won't be the only one!
Ron & Tony stopped at a petrol station for a map.
Stephanie is driving around in a big circle and Chad is showing his snappy impatience.
That's safe - Nat is doing her diabetes testing while she's driving a stick on the "wrong" side of the car.
Grind those gears Andie - bad enough to be making a nice burning smell.
Ron & Tony have been going the wrong way.
Team Glee has stopped to try & help Andie & Jenna. Is anyone else surprised that they didn't have any insightful tips?

They're going again ... something about "forgetting the part about taking your foot off the clutch".
The Doctors are the 1st team to arrive at Stonehenge followed by Jill & Thomas and the Sporty Spices.
Now they have to sort out that Eastnor Castle is "the opposite of nor'easter". Though I'd be inclined to think that sou'wester would be the opposite. What do I know?
Brook & Claire have their clue while Rachel has trouble getting into first gear on a hill.
Claire actually gets out and tries to push the car then has to run after it when Rachel kicks it in.
Ron & Tony are having a real rough time trying to find Stonehenge; Gary & Mallory and Team Glee have their clues.
Andie & Jenna have arrived with Chad & Stephanie right with them.
Oh Dear ... Vicki hasn't heard of Stonehenge before.
Ron & Tony stopped at a Starbucks for directional assistance.
Jill & Thomas have the clue first - they need to "Storm the Castle" - climb a ladder while being pelted with water by a peasant mob, retrieve a medieval flag, cross a moat in an ancient bowl boat (OMG - this should be hilarious!!) to a knight in shining armour for their next clue.
The Hostesses get to the ladder first and are going strong with Jill & Thomas going hard at it too.
The Doctors are making good time up the ladder.
Gary & Mallory have a flat tire and there ends the partnership with Team Glee who forge ahead on their own.

Awww - they have a rope to pull themselves across on. I seriously thought that they'd have to paddle them. Although they are all sinking - they have to really balance themselves and kind of hold their weight up with the rope as well as using it to propel themselves across the moat.
Chad & Stephanie and The Sporty Spices are next to the castle.
Ron & Tony are the last team to arrive at Stonehenge.
Thomas has Jill doing all of the pulling along the rope, The Doctors are doing a tiny little hand over hand thing, Brook & Claire
Chad is totally losing all patience on this one. If he proposes, Stephanie should think twice.
Nick & Vicki have stopped to ask for directions to Eastnor Castle.
Jill & Thomas are the first to the Roadblock. Their knight will give them a ride across the jousting field, then they need to use a ballista to fire watermelons at a suit of armour 50' away. Once they knock it flat they need to find a jester for the next clue.
Thomas, Nat & Claire are all shooting watermelons.
Team Glee has stormed the castle while Chad & Stephanie have sunk on their 12th attempt to cross the moat. Chad & Stephanue have been dubbed "Tinkerbell & Pan" by Sporty Spices.
Thomas knocks out his suit of armour!! Now they need to search the sprawling grounds of Eastnor Castle for the forested meadow where the Pit Stop is.
Team Glee is in their boat ... will they pass Tink & Pan?
Nat knocked out her suit of armour while Clair keeps narrowly missing hers.
Michael & Kevin are storming the castle while Rachel starts her watermelon tossing.
OMG - Claire takes a watermelon that flew backwards right to the face!!

She has a fierce headache & can't see straight but Brook is telling her that she has to finish, "it's not called the Amazing Race for nothing". She now has a fear of watermelons but she's back at it.
Connor is tossing his melons.
Claire did it followed by Connor then Rachel.
Chad is stepping up to the melon tossing ballista.
Gary & Mallory are storming the castle while Michael & Kevin do a Two Stooges routine in the boat. Will they be able to get footage of this to post online?
Chad has knocked out his suit of armour.
Mallory (aka Sunshine) is a screamer - this could get annoying.
Chad thinks that the Pit Stop will be on the "other side of the castle" so they're wandering all over while Andi & Jenna have arrived at the castle.

Ron & Tony are going in the wrong direction, again.
Michael & Kevin have learned from Gary & Sunshine and are on their way across the moat. They're whispering as if talking loud will capsize them!!
Nick & Vicki have arrived at Eastnor Castle but having arrived at the top do not know what a battlement is from which to retrieve their flag. Oh Dear!! I had such high hopes for these two.
Gary is tossing melons with Kevin arriving now too. Chad & Stephanie have gone around the entire castle & are still looking for the Pit Stop.
Nick & Vicki have no idea that the upside-down bowl boats are what they should be using. "I don't see any boats".

The light bulb has flickered on!!!
Jenna is going to toss the melons while Ron & Tony have arrived at the castle.
Chad & Stephanie are still looking ...
Gary knocks over his suit of armour followed immediately by Kevin.
Chad & Stephanie check in while Nick & Vicki are across the moat.
Andie & Jenna check in while Ron & Tony try to get into their boat.
Nick is trying to figure out the ballista ... score!!
Vicki thinks that she is in the country of London, but they are not the last to arrive.

1st - Jill & Thomas
2nd - The Doctors
3rd - Connor & Jonathan (sliding on his ass)
4th - Brook & Claire
5th - Sporty Spices
6th - Gary & Sunshine
7th - Michael & Kevin
8th - Chad & Stephanie
9th - Andie & Jenna
10th - Nick & Vicki
Eliminated - Ron & Tony

Once again Savory Spicy Sweet has a delicious recipe for every leg of the race - tonight, Boston Baked Beans.


  1. What madness! My inner sheepdog wants to start herding these stupid sheep. TAR is too frustrating for me to watch, but fun in your play-by-play. Thanks!

  2. It's my most fave reality show. I guess it's like most things, armchair quarterbacking is the best position on the field. LOL

  3. You nailed it! It will take another show or two for my favourites to come forward - there are some annoying parts to all of them. But we have the doctors in our pool, so I have to vote for them!

  4. Good luck - I hope they can keep up it up but I have a feeling that the diabetes is going to play into the game somehow. And not in a good way.