Thursday, August 26, 2010

From the iPod

So Mischief has chewed through another A/C adapter for the laptop!!! She is coming seriously close to being allowed to be an outdoor cat! Amanda is going through Facebook & MSN withdrawal. I am fortunate to have my trusty little iPod. Amanda isn't getting the iPod or I'd never see it again!!!

I'm feeling really good ... Really. I get some stabby pains deep in my breast sometimes & I'm working on stretches because I still feel tight under my arm but all else is good. I'm sure that if I have a deep seated need to be a nude model I've heard that they can work miracles with airbrushing! LMAO!!! Just one more week until we see the oncologists & find out what kind of toxic depillitating mocktail I'll be on. I don't have a lot of expectations or trepidations about this one - I just want to know and get on with it.

I'm getting very excited about the Knitters Fair though - it'll be so nice to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in a long time.

I'm up to 115 hearts!! Amanda didn't feel the knitting love on these but she helped out today by sewing some together and doing some of the menial chores so that I can keep cranking them out.

Hopefully I'll be blogging from the laptop by Saturday so that we can have some pictures for interest.


  1. And when you see the oncologist, you will tell him/her about the deep, stabbing pains, right?

    The hearts rock! YOu are such a champ.

    And you are wonderful! Your career as a nude model should be a huge success.

  2. I'll be looking for you at the KW Knitters Fair!

  3. Be patient with yourself; these things take time...and rest!!
    Will you just be shopping at the Fair or do you have something 'demonstrative' booked?

  4. Cats and wires. sigh. try this...get a box, cut a hole in the side, put a power bar inside the box and thread the plug through the hole and plug it in. plug the ipod etc into the power bar and close the box with said items in it. it ain't fancy, but it'll work