Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's an Old Saying Because it's True

"Red at morning ...

Sailors take warning."

That was yesterday. It, and the bit we got overnight, is gone now. Thank you Sunshine!! It was nipply cold out (-20C with the windchill) this morning, but the sun was shining strong. The snow that fell overnight was fine & dry and combined with the wind & the brilliant sunshine I was blessed with another wonderful snowbow. It was fading by the time that I took the picture - I had to drop kids off & find a safe place to pull over.

I have swatched for Vivacious - a lacy wrap sweater for Apple Laine. I felt like Goldilocks!
This one is too big by quite a bit! 3mm Addi

This one is too small by 2 tiny stitches! 2.5mm Addi

Addi (and SRK) doesn't make a 2.75mm - argh!!! I was feeling very annoyed and discombobulated. I need to use a circular needle because of the # of stitches and I didn't want to just start experimenting with circular needles (I'm easily aggravated by a bumpy join - you know how it is). I was already knitting loosely on the 2.5's and I didn't want to try knitting looser; it's hard to maintain an even tension when you're knitting - deliberately - looser than is normal for you. I had already been quite severe with it during blocking and think I heard the yarn whimper when I glanced at it with an "I'll just block it harder" look. I was looking at the needles in my Circular Solution and pulled out a little bamboo one. 3mm Addi Natura. Hmmmm, says I, that might just do the trick. Perfect!
This one is just right!!!
Cindy's tweaking the pattern but when I get it back I'll be good to go.

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