Sunday, March 4, 2007

Watching AR with Wannietta - part III

It is a race - being courteous is not necessarily a foregone conclusion. It kills me that people still come into TAR thinking that other teams are going to "play fair".
I'm sure a little wiggle & jiggle" is just fine with you Ian (you dirty old man)!
Poor Mary - no Cho bros to help her out & Mirna & Charla aren't really her friends.
Rock on Uchenna & Joyce!!
Way to think outside the (airport) box.
How rude!!
Okay, it's a race - but dude! No Cuts.

"I took lessons from
the King of Rude - you!" How immature.
Quote of the day, if not the race!!! "Rob is not Jesus."
Slippery, smelly and nasty looking but harmless I'm sure.
Heck, all sorts of Chileans do it every day.
Dude, I'm not sure that screaming at her is really being helpful. She knows that she has to do this.

"Anything she can do I can do better" - you go Amber!
Ian's got a bit of a heavy foot!

"The Fish Whisperer." Joe & Bill are funny!
OMG - Kentucky Dave!! "He don't like no fish. He's afraid of 'em."
Awwww - Danny is not a fish slinger!
For a land lubber you really rocked that water task Dave.

Hmmmmm - this is a tough one. Vertical climb or Wild water rafting ... is there a 3rd detour choice?
What the heck - rafting sounds fast.
That looked a lot like kidnapping. Can you just grab a guy off of the street and tell him that he's worth $50? Does he know th
at it's probably going to cost him that same $50 to get a cab to take him back home?
When someone flings their arm like that you know that you've passed it by more than 5 minutes.
"Charla & Mirna" "Godsend" I honestly never thought that I'd hear those to phrases uttered with the same breath.
Ummmmm - that was the Detour.

I don't want to wish something bad on Rob & Amber, but having someone else give them a run for their money and knock them out of 1st would be nice.

Okay - this can't be the 1st time that someone has gone out of the boat. She'll be fine ...

HA!!! I don't want to say anything about dumb blondes ...
... but dumb blondes also get dumb luck.
Ya shoulda tossed her boots into the bu
shes Mary! (Sorry - that's the Mean Girl in me putting her $0.02 into it)
Ooops ...
maybe no one will notice, it's just a little fence & a li'l dent.
I'm getting all verklempt. Poor Mary! She has such a nice heart and just expects it from others.

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