Sunday, March 25, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part VI

That's okay - I'm sure that Uchenna & Joyce can overcome a last place start & equally sure that Mirna & Charla can screw up a 1st place start.
I think that the cabbie thinks she's insane, "Don't hit the people." I think that that's lesson #1 in driving school - no matter what country you're in.
OMG - what a great Tim (Project Runway) impression!!
Back to the hotel? Sleep on the damn floor.
What's being in the lead worth to you? Not worth it to Mirna & Charla, Dustin & Kandice. Fight for it Ian.
Tough call - not sure what I would do.
Terri - it was a good plan to be first in line. Just because it didn't pan out doesn't negate it's validity.
Kristo is cute; if he'll be Mirna's friend maybe he'd like to be my friend to.
Lucky ducks!!!
What is in Dar es Salaam? It seems to be very popular!!
Alright - Oswald & Danny!! Uchenna & Joyce!!!
That's what you get for waiting in line - if there's a light on, someone might be in the office and that someone might be the key to getting ahead.

Poor Eric & Danielle. Wasn't it Eric who had the idea to go to the upstairs office in the first place?
That's totally got to suck!
Mirna doesn't realize how far ahead they are. SNAP!! The next 3 teams might just catch up for the 1st boat out.
No Danny, it went right over her head,
not even pausing for a course correction.
I'd fight over standby - there might only be 2 seats available.
I called it!!!

Nice of Charla to feed the fishes.
Yeah. Beauty tips. Beauty tips that make you less likely to puke. Well, I guess if they make someone who is astonishingly fugly bearable to look at then first aid could be considered a "beauty tip".
Solve it.
Charla seems mystified by the concept of the puzzle.

Yeah Danny & Oswald!!!
Okay, don't ask it they know the way or if their vehicle is reliable - ask about the A/C. And go to the market.

Looks like a tire iron to me.
I wonder how many tosses that took? The eleventy-fucktillionth time is always a charm!!

You go Mirna - purdy yerself up fer Phil!
I stand corrected - they did a fine great job. Except they'll probably just sell the katamarangs.

Uchenna & Joyce should have enough time - the Guido's and Ian & Terri are still landing.

Yeah Uchenna!!!
Tick Tock
Phil - enough preamble, don't waste any more precious seconds.
Moonlight sail - that's romantic.
I've had about enough of Terri's negativity
- not sorry to see them behind.
Always a chance; sometimes it's just less likely than other times.
No, not a cabbie disaster for the Guidos!!!
PHEW! The suspense is a killer.
They were a tough team and good sports!

2 hours -

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